Sunday, January 6, 2013

December- Homeschool, projects

Isabelle made some really creative candy house pictures this year.
 Here are some of our projects that we have worked on this month, homeschool and just for fun.  The pic above is of our Homeschool group we did for December.  We learned about a bunch of different Christmas traditions from different countries.  The kids are all holding up luminaries that they made there.
 We studied Louis the IVX of France for History.  So, we made Masquerade masks, and later had a Masquerade Ball. :)
 For science we were learning about radar.  The kids made mountains in this box, covered it, graphed it, then used a bamboo skewer to figure out the depth.  The red boxes are high, the yellow are low.  Cool huh?!
 We didn't have a lot of decorations for Christmas this year, so we made some.  We actually strung popcorn and cranberries for the first time this year.
 Isabelle made a bunch of ornaments herself.  This is her wreath.
 She made this bird.
 Austin made this angel.  He also cut out a bunch of pictures he colored from coloring books and put them on the tree.  The kids also put their "meatball" on the tree.
 I made these sillouette ornaments.
 Bella's Angel.

 The kids studied about Handel and Bach.  They each read a book and made a poster about their composer.

 Robert and Isabelle made this manger with baby Jesus and Mary out of  Legos.

 Homeschool group for January.  We learned about weather and made these fun snowmen cupcakes.

 We went to a realtor party and they had all of these fun projects for the kids to do.  They loved it.
 For FHE in December we made a candy Nativity instead of gingerbread houses.  The kids got so into it!  Robert made the horses/donkeys.
 Austin made Shepards, Joseph, Mary, and barbells...
 Isabelle made the stable, the manger, the hay and the angel on top.
 Talia made baby Jesus and the sheep.
 I think they did a great job!
 Austin made a candy train at school.

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