Sunday, August 30, 2009

Experiments, and party time.

So, I have heard of kids eating butter straight from the counter before, I think I need to be a little more careful now. I left the kitchen for a minute and when I came back Austin was on the counter eating out of the butter container and grabbing handfuls out of the cinnamon and sugar jar! What a mess! What a funny guy!

Isabelle and Clara found some blackberries in our yard. Before I found out, they had gotten the juice everywhere! At least they enjoyed themselves!

I found Austin asleep in Isabelle's room, still holding on to his truck. At least he holds on to what is most important to him no matter what!

My kids had their last soccer game this week. Robert got to be the goalie, his favorite position, alot. Unfortunately I taught Isabelle how to use the camera and she used all my batteries up, so I couldn't take any of her game or her trophy! Here is a sample of her handywork.
Robert had some fun taking his own pictures when the other kids and I took a nap earlier this week...

Bella got to go to a princess party this week.
We also got to go to a birthday party for our friend the Bjorns.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Seattle trip, Enchanted Forest, garden

Ok, so I am getting things a little out of order here. This is from last week. Rob had a business trip in Seattle and for the first time, the whole family got to come! (Since no one was in school) It was so fun! We went and looked at the outside of the space needle.

played around the on the parks around it.We got to go to Pike Market and let the kids each pick something out there.
Next we went to the Science Fiction/Jim Hensen/Jimi Hendrix music experience museum (kind of wierd huh?).

The kids got to perform with some of the muppets there.We got to see Kermit.And the Mana Mana gang.In the Jimi Hendrix museum they had this big display of guitars that went up two levels. The guitars actually played too (some of them).
This is Michael Jackson's jacket and glove.
When we got home, the kids had their first soccer game in the rain. At least Bella scored a goal! Robert did a great job as goalie :)
My Aunt and Uncle invited us to go to the Enchanted Forest with them that Saturday. It was our first experience and the kids loved it.

This is the Hansel and Gretal house.Yes, you could go inside her mouth.

We got a shot with Abraham Lincoln.Here is Lisa, Shelby, Isa and I waiting for the rest to come out of the Haunted House. (They did not like it!)
Isabelle and Austin were so happy to go on the train...
Until Isabelle realized that her jacket was undone and cried the whole time! Just enjoy the ride girlie!
Robert and LydiaSteve's fam, thanks for the great time!Here Rob is showing off his strength with a family friend Spencer.I went to a town hall meeting at the Clark County Fairgrounds. I was amazed at the amount of people there. I arrived an hour and a half early and had hundreds of people in line ahead of me. This was the line in front of me.and behind..We got to taste some food from our garden this week. We had some corn, broccoli, strawberries, and tomatoes, and they actually tasted good! Yea for gardens!
Sorry for the long posts, I was behind!

Kid update, etc

So, first off I have to tell you about Austin's new habit. Whenever he gets mad or doesn't want to do something he will end his sentences in "Huh, psh!" I.E. "I don't want to go potty anymore! Huh, psh!" It totally makes me laugh!! Now, whenever he says it we just copy him and he totally laughs! How could we not love this kid?

I have been working with Isabelle lately on "Bob books" and have been so impressed with her! I have realized that reading is actually a much better way for her to learn her letters, sounds, and learn to read all at the same time, than flash cards, songs, or anything else. She has to repeat the same letters and sounds over and over and over until she gets it every time.

She also said something funny to me the other day, she said, "Mom, I am going to miss you." I said, "Why?"
"When I get married."I guess she has really had that on her mind lately. So funny.

Also, today in Primary she got to talk about our family. She called me "Tricia" and her daddy, "Rob". She also said the thing she likes the best that I make is "Ramen". Everyone laughed. They can really tell what a gourmet cook I am with that line! She also announced to everyone that we are having another baby! What fun. :)
Also, this week Isabelle asked why I never let her wear that red dress. "What red dress?" I asked. It turns out I put some of my old clothes in her closet. and she wanted to wear a dress my mom made for me when I was her age. I thought she looked way cute in the dress, even if it says "Tricia" on it. Good job mom!

I also like taking Bella shopping with me. I took her to the local knuckleheads sale. I let her pick out what she wanted and to my surprize she picked this navy dress rather than the hot pink stuff they had there. She felt like the prettiest girl at church today. Thanks Melissa!
Robert and I have been working on his math and reading lately. He has improved so much!! He has never liked math much and after giving him some suggestions and some practice he told me this week "I love addition and subtraption!" (Not a typo, that is how he pronounces it!)
To me, the fact that he is enjoying math and has some confidence is the best thing in the world for both of us!

Now just to get him ok with riding his bike.....
Also, he would not pose for a pic for me this week.

In other things, and late news...
We got a wrap around couch last week. We got it off Craig's list, so it was cheap and not new, but we have lots of space now! Everyone come over for games and movies! We can fit you in our house:) (Isabelle is in front of the new couch in her pics)

About a month ago our hydrangea's were looking really pretty! And Rob had to cut some off so our air conditioner could work right, so I got some beautiful flowers for my kitchen. :)
I made my first lattice top pie.
I was pulling out some old stuff before Wendy came and Isabelle was awestruck by and old costume our friend Maluska, from Czechoslovakia, made me when I was 12. So, she had to try it on. Afterwards she said, "I love collars!"