Monday, August 13, 2012

Cub Camp and more

So, last week Robert went to cub camp.  It was a knight/medieval theme, which I thought was very fun, especially since we just studied that stuff in history.  They made helmets.

Only at camp is it cool to wear milk jugs on your head.

Robert loved the archery, and the fact that we played chess too.

The leaders chose me to make the flag.  I had a bunch of cool stuff from homeschool that we used earlier to make coat of arms, so I used some of those things to make this flag.  I tried to incorporate Boy Scout stuff and medieval stuff as well.  Our group was the "Lords".

The boys got to be part of a knighting ceremony.  Robert was so proud!

The kids played with this giant chess set at the mall.
Rob made Austin this cute balloon turtle.  Turtles are Austin's new favorite animal, that and bears.  He has been checking out tons of turtle and bear books from the library.
Isabelle has been really into horses and decorating.  She has been putting tons of hair things etc on her stuffed animals...
and on Talia

Here is my first ever Key Lime Pie.