Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boy Birthday week Austin-3, Robert-8

So, Rob and I have decided that February will be a crazy month, for the rest of our lives!! We had two birthdays this last week- Austin turned 3 on Tuesday and Robert turned 8 on Thursday. (We had our Anniversary on Friday, but luckily we already celebrated that in November!)

It is no wonder that things have been crazy this month!!

Here are some pics of Talia's first bath.. I had lots of help from all the kids!I set up Austin's birthday the day before. Luckily his two best friends; Russell Adams and Allie Doman could come to a party on short notice. Also, Austin told me that he wanted a train cake the day before his birthday. So, I did what I could to make him happy. We had a small party at Chuck-E-Cheese. I think he had a good time.
This was Austin's favorite present, a fireman outfit.
Present from Grandma Webster..

Robert had his first meeting for cub scouts last week. He was SO excited!

I set up Robert's last minute too, but we had a great time a JJ Jumps.Robert requested a "ghost cake" and luckily Nan was here to help make that happen. Didn't she do a great job?!We went to Seaside and Robert couldn't help but jump in the waves with all his clothes on.
More fun at Seaside
The princess..Snuggle time..Talia and Nan
Enjoying springtime...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Talia, Girl day, Valentines

So, I felt really bad last week when I couldn't find any pictures of Rob with Talia, luckily, my mom took some pics and I took some more!

My silly kids. Austin just LOVES hats right now. He is almost always wear
ing something silly on his head. Belly is just always the princess.

We got to see the Russons before Mom went back to Utah.These are Jenny's girls with Bella.My mom did a great job getting Bella cute every day.
We had a girl day before my mom left and we all got our nails done. It was the first time I have ever gotten my nails done and I am 32! I think it was about time. Isabelle was having the time of her life. :)We went to church as a family of 6 for the first time today. Here is also our first whole family pic with Talia!

Our ValentinesPink pancakesA red dinner--red jello, spaghetti, salad with red dressing, and red soda.
I love holidays. Isabelle said that this was the best Valentine's ever. We topped the night off by watching "Hello Dolly". The kids loved it! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweet Talia Mae is here!

My due date was February 1st. My midwife said that she would induce me on Feb 3 if I hadn't gone yet. This baby seems to be determined to do things when she wants to! I went into labor at 3:30 am early Wednesday morning. At least I didn't have to get induced!

Here is a pic of Rob and me at the hospital right before the big production-the last of the big belly.
It was really nice this time because I actually had time to get an epidural and once I did, the rest of the delivery was so enjoyable.

I called my mom and invited her to come. Even though it was super early in the morning, Robert and Isabelle wanted to come too.

We expected the whole process to go faster than it did. Once my water has broken, my babies have usually come in 30 minutes or so. But, this baby kept hanging on. I asked my Dr. how big she thought the baby was right before she came out and she said about mid seven's. Boy were we all surprised when she came out and weighed 9lbs 3oz!! She was 21 inches long and was born at 7:15am.Love at first sight.
I was a little tired afterwards.Austy got to see her a little later when he woke up.
Robert didn't want to leave that night. He begged and begged to sleep with us at the hospital. The next morning he got up before anyone (unheard of!) and cleaned the whole playroom without being asked (also unheard of!). He ran in to my mom and said, now we just need to get the kids up and we can go see Talia! What a sweet, tender boy! Unfortunately he needed to go to school. So, we decided that he could have some special time just he and Talia for a little while after his school.He said that Talia is the best present he could possibly get because she is alive and real. This is coming from the same boy that had a hard time deciding if he would rather have his parents or a new toy. He definitely has a soft spot for his new little sister.Last day, coming home...All our kids..