Sunday, May 31, 2009

Temple, Rachel, etc.

So, last monday my friend invited us to do FHE at the temple with them. After I accepted, I realized that I had never taken my kids to the temple grounds (just pointed to it from the freeway). I asked the kids if they wanted to go and they were SO excited!
Isabelle asked me "Am I going to get married?"
I responded, "No Isabelle, you have to fall in love, and get a ring..."
Very emphatically, "MOM! I already have lots of rings!"I thought Austy looked cute nakey.

Rachel came up and we got to meet her new man Jake.
He even paid Rob for Rachel.
We went to Nona Emilia's.
Bob made us malts at the beach with his drill.

Rob and I went to the "Defending the American Dream" conference put on by Americans for Prosperity. We got to hear Joe the Plumber- so inspiring!
Robert had a carnival at school. Rob took advantage of the velcro.Sorry I didn't talk more, I am not feeling good today!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day and bugs

So, lately there has been quite the fashion trend at our house. Isabelle's friend Clara has been tying her socks around her ankles. Isabelle simply HAS to do whatever Clara does, so now both of them wear their socks around their ankles all the time! It just makes me laugh. This is how fashion trends are started right?
Robert started playing with his stomp rocket for the first time this week. Unfortunately, it went up on the roof two times! Rob was enjoying his time up there though!This is a view from inside our kitchen and Rob is looking at me through the skylight.We went to Mima and Papa's for Mother's day. I must admit, that my favorite gifts were the ones the kids made for me this year. They were SOOO excited to give me their gifts. Robert wouldn't even let me see the paper bag he had wrapped mine in until we were opening presents.
Robert made me a calendar with all pictures he had drawn. This is a picture of me that I am holding up, and he was drawing me in my orange sweater! He also made me the necklace that I am wearing (the pink and yellow one).
Bella made me these two cards. Isn't that frame one a scream?
Mima got lots of loves as well.

We planted our garden on Saturday. We let our kids help. We planted lots of veggies, but bought a pear, apple and cherry tree as well.
While we were gardening, Robert found a catepillar. He wanted to keep it as a pet so bad! So, Rob let him for the day. Robert named him "Green" and took very good care of him. He gave him a little house, tried to give him drinks of water, and even let me babysit while he went on a bike ride.It was exciting that he was willing to touch a little creature. Here he is with his gloves, but he ended up touching it numerous times with his bare hands. Yea!
Isabelle found a little grub, but cried her eyes out when she lost it down the sink as she was trying to wash it. Poor thing.

Here is cute Austy. He has gotten so energetic. He will run more than his older two siblings sometimes. I love how he is always the first person up and will run into my room to snuggle me in the morning. He gives so many loves to every person in the family every day. How could anyone not love this kid?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Therapy graduation, teddy bear picnic, parent dates

So, on Monday Robert had his last day of therapy. He has come so far. When we first started, Robert had a really hard time writing or coloring. He would use his whole body to write instead of just his wrist. His fine motor and his large motor skills were very undeveloped. He would get tired very easily would never want to run, ride bikes, anything physical.
Now that he is graduating, he can write well without getting tired, he loves to color, he loves to run. He tells us over and over, "I am the fastest runner in the whole world!" We are so grateful. Thanks Elizabeth!(His therapist)He was so cute too. Elizabeth told him it was going to be a party, so he wanted balloons and the whole gammet. I gave him a superman balloon and we had twix's all around. He also got a certificate and the whole family watched his last day of therapy. It was so fun!

Bella had a Teddy Bear picnic at preschool this week. She brought a soft Belle doll for her bear. Even Daddy got to go!Rob brought home a slip and slide for the kids from a business trip. They have been chomping at the bit to get on it, so we finally let them this week. They had a hard time figuring out how to slide down, but had a fun time nonetheless.We have been doing some yardwork. Here Rob ended up transplanting 15 strawberry plants (we only bought two last year!)
On Saturday I had a Mother Daughter day with Isabelle and Rob hung out with the boys.
Isabelle and I attended a Mother Daughter tea party. We had lunch, danced, painted nails and did make up and played some games. Isabelle was in heaven.
Isabelle was really sad earlier this week when Robert got a balloon, so I promised her she would get one today, so she got this princess balloon. I had also promised her a special cupcake she wanted.
We also went on the carousel at the mall. By the end, we were all tired!
The boys went to see "Monsters vs. Aliens" and Robert got a bakugon (?). It was a hit.