Sunday, March 22, 2009

Green day, traps, and hair gone wrong

So, the kids were so excited for St. Patrick's day. Isabelle wanted to make a leprechan trap too, since Robert got to make one. So, I let she and Clara make one the day before St. Patrick's day.For St.Patrick's I served a green meal of green pizza (the dough, and meat (thanks to Robert)), green jello salad, and broccoli. Oh, and I colored the milk green too. The kids loved it:)
I have been so impressed with Austin lately. He is starting to accurately point out colors (like green and pink anyways). He will talk in full sentences sometimes. He has even engaged in some word play games. Today he said to me, "Mommy, you Sleeping Beauty". To which I replied, "Austin, you are Thomas the Train."
Austin-"No, you Thomas!" I just love this little guy! He is so fun! Also, after night after night of telling him to stop getting out of his bed, I am no longer giving him a nap, and lo and behold it is working! (Thanks Kim!)
Robert is doing so well in school. Before it would take a while to pass a reading level, and he is passing them one a week now! He seems so much more happy and confident:) He has friends at school and is learning to do so many things on his own (he poured his own milk this week). We are proud of this guy. Oh, and by the way, yes, we let our kids climb up on the counters if they are willing to do things for themselves!
So, Rob and I have talked about bleaching our hair together for a while. We thought it would be fun. We used to have hair as light as the kids and wanted to get the same shade. Boy did we go wrong! I am totally looking like a punk rock girl now! All I need is to dye the bottom of my hair black and it would complete the look huh! Oh well, I have decided to still go out in public with my fake hair, and just make fun of myself. So, now you can too!Lastly, we found a mouse in our house this week! It was just a little baby, I sure hope we don't find more!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New do, and leprechans

So, I have been trying to be good lately and I have been doing some Tae bo. My little Isabelle has been so cute about wanting to do tae bo with me. She has to get her "tae bo clothes" on too. Which usually consists of a swim suit, possibly a tu tu if she feels like it. Austin just likes to get under me and hug my legs. At least we can be together and interact, while I am still getting something done for me.Yes, Austin feels the need to put his Tae bo clothes on too.And, here are the kids getting in a good workout, on the bean bags.I also got a new haircut since my last post. I know it is not amazing here in my pic, but I really like it. I have so much more body, style, and it takes 90% less time to do! Gotta love it.When we first moved into our house I was sad that there weren't any flowers out front. So, last summer we planted a bunch of bulbs (the ground was so hard so it took forever!) But, we are finally seeing some of the fruit of our labors! Yeah for spring!For Robert's school he was suppose to make a Leprechan trap. He was so excited (it is cute because he totally believes in leprechauns and asked if he could keep one if he caught it!) So, I thought that I would post his trap.This is the inside. It reminds me of "I dream of Jeannie" because it has a little bed inside and a pillow.
I also want to mention what a character Robert has been lately. When I went to take the picture of him he said, "Hey mom, look, I can do mom and dad (in sign language)". Then when I went to take the picture he just did silly hands on his head to trick me! He is getting quite the sense of humor! He also has started to try to trick his Dad numerous times at the dinner table to see if he can take his food, cup etc. I wonder where he got that from.....
Ok, I just thought Austin looked cute here.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Easier week

So, it was nice to have an easier week this week, without two birthdays and an anniversary.

I decided to take a picture of Austin praying because I think it is SO cute how he does it.I love how he tucks his hands under his little chin, and he is so good about saying prayers (with our help) when he is not sneaking food in his mouth!

Also, at Robert's school this week, Beaches restaurant served a "Green Eggs and Ham breakfast to all of the first graders and their parents." It was so cute. All of the kids got these fun Dr. Seuss hats too.
Lastly, I have just been so grateful for the temple this week. I have been really upset lately about things going on in the government and the economy. Rob and I went to the temple on Friday and I couldn't believe the peace and contentment that I felt being there. The outside worries I had really did stay outside! (That's pretty hard to let go of my worries sometimes). I am so grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It helps me feel so much peace!

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Ok, so this is not a recent picture. Alisa tagged me.

So, this is a picture of Austin from last summer. We went to a parade in Oregon somewhere and sat on the side and the kids ran after the candy thrown. Austin was definitely into it.

I now tag: Wendy, Sarah, Mom, Amy, Rachel and Lindsay.