Sunday, March 15, 2009

New do, and leprechans

So, I have been trying to be good lately and I have been doing some Tae bo. My little Isabelle has been so cute about wanting to do tae bo with me. She has to get her "tae bo clothes" on too. Which usually consists of a swim suit, possibly a tu tu if she feels like it. Austin just likes to get under me and hug my legs. At least we can be together and interact, while I am still getting something done for me.Yes, Austin feels the need to put his Tae bo clothes on too.And, here are the kids getting in a good workout, on the bean bags.I also got a new haircut since my last post. I know it is not amazing here in my pic, but I really like it. I have so much more body, style, and it takes 90% less time to do! Gotta love it.When we first moved into our house I was sad that there weren't any flowers out front. So, last summer we planted a bunch of bulbs (the ground was so hard so it took forever!) But, we are finally seeing some of the fruit of our labors! Yeah for spring!For Robert's school he was suppose to make a Leprechan trap. He was so excited (it is cute because he totally believes in leprechauns and asked if he could keep one if he caught it!) So, I thought that I would post his trap.This is the inside. It reminds me of "I dream of Jeannie" because it has a little bed inside and a pillow.
I also want to mention what a character Robert has been lately. When I went to take the picture of him he said, "Hey mom, look, I can do mom and dad (in sign language)". Then when I went to take the picture he just did silly hands on his head to trick me! He is getting quite the sense of humor! He also has started to try to trick his Dad numerous times at the dinner table to see if he can take his food, cup etc. I wonder where he got that from.....
Ok, I just thought Austin looked cute here.


Kayleen the Violinist said...

Very cute kids! and I love your haircut. :) Looks great!

Kerry said...

The haircut IS great, I wanted to tell you yesterday but I only saw you across the primary room.

and Isabelle is such a darling little girl. I love hearing about what a girlie girl she is. She always wants a pink crayon first when we color and she wants me to read to her the name of the color. She cracks me up, what a sweet blessing for you guys to have her in your family.

Swangerlings said...

Aren't kids so funny?! Love the TB. outfit.

The Boulter Family said...

Way cute haircut; love it! It is always fun to go and do something different; especially for spring!
The leprechaun trap is fun; I hope Robert catches one!
Happy St. Patrick's day!