Sunday, April 18, 2010

Funny kidisms, etc

This week Robert yelled out to me "Mom, the ranch is interrupting!!"
"Yeah, you know, like a volcano."

Isabelle "Mom, I don't like this despairagus." (asparagus)

Fun in Seattle

Once again, Rob asked me two days beforehand if we wanted to go on a trip with him. Was I up for it? You bet!

So we went up to Seattle. We really weren't there long. But, Rob took us to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. He has been wanting to take us there since he and I were engaged! The kids loved it, although Austy was a little afraid when the elephants started moving and making sounds.The night was a crazy one. Robert really wasn't feeling good and threw up in the hotel that night. But, it was still worth it.

In the morning we went swimming in the hotel pool, then were off to find The Crumpet Shop!
Robert was reading Harry Potter one day and it mentioned crumpets and he asked what they were. So, we researched them, I made crumpets at home. But, across my research I found this cute little crumpet shop in Seattle. So, when we were headed to Seattle I told Rob we would have to stop by!Robert got a crumpet with butter and honey. Austin and Isabelle got Nutella crumpets. Austin mostly rubbed his hands in the chocolate and made a huge mess, but it was fun. :)I got ricotta cream and boysenberry.Rob got the "Mickey Rourke".
The Crumpet Shop was just a street away from Pike's Market. So, we headed over there to look around at the treasures. The kids got some sparkley animals....This was my treasure :)
The next day was very busy. We had sports classes for the kids in the morning. They did t-ball this time.I was off to a Tax Day Tea Party after that, Rob and the kids went to our Stake Pinewood Derby.Robert's car is in this line up... the lego car.
That night there was an auction to help the scouts and youth. Rob was the MC, second year in a row. He did a great job, even with a sore throat!All cub scouts were suppose to bring cakes. Robert wanted this dinosaur cake. Yeah, I am make to order..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Utah, Belly's 5th b-day, Easter

So, Rob had a business trip scheduled to visit Utah about two weeks ago. He asked me about 2 days before he was going to leave if I wanted to make it a family trip. HECK YEAH!

Because we were able to come down, I got to go to my sister Katie's baby shower, my brother-in-law's baby blessing, have Isabelle's birthday with her cousins, and have Easter with my family. I don't think you can get a family trip better than that!

We had some crazy weather. I ended up snowing a few times while we were there. The kids just loved it. :)I was an idiot and forgot to bring my camera to Katie's shower. But, Mindi threw it, Emily was there. Mindi did a great job and it was so fun to hang out with my sister and be there for her!

Here is a pic of Rob's brother, Mike's, baby. His name is Davis. He was born within two weeks of Talia. Pretty much twinner babies. So, here are the twinner babies.
Michelle made his little blessing outfit too. Isn't she awesome! I think it turned out great. :)

Grandma Nan, Rob's grandma, has now moved in with his parents. I got to share Talia with her.
We got to have Isabelle's 5th birthday in Utah. My best friend, Wendy, did a little celebration for her. Isn't she the best!
We had Isabelle's official party at my mom's. We had a fairy party for Belly. My mom was so sweet helping to make head wreaths for all the girls that came. I thought it was pretty cool that on my 5th birthday, it was at my grandma's, a bunch of family came, and I got a Strawberry Shortcake doll. Isabelle's 5th was at her grandma's, a bunch of girl cousin's came, and she got Strawberry Shortcake doll too!
This is cousin Libby, Fairy Bell, friend Lindsay.We played a game where the kids had to dance with cups on their heads and try not to let the cup fall.Her cousins Abby and Maya had these matching dresses on for the party. They gave Belly the same dress and flower for her hair too!
What Isabelle wanted most for her birthday was an umbrella. She asked for one over and over, and that is what Grandma Webster decided to get her without even knowing (at first)!
I thought she looked just like a fairy princess.We went to the Mayan that night for dinner.

This is me and my best friend Wendy.Me and my best friend, oh and hubby too, Rob.The boys, especially Austin, were intrigued by the waterfall and divers. Isabelle didn't care! So funny.

Nan and I took the kids to the Bean museum at BYU. I can't believe I had never gone to this free treasure! Too bad the kids were super fussy and made me wonder why were doing all of this fun stuff if they weren't even having fun!This picture of butterflies is made of all real butterflies!
We visited Rob's sister Monique and her family. Their kids were so sweet to ours. Here Sam is entertaining Austin.Belly got into the dress ups there. Emily wrote her the sweetest note.
Austin and Naomi.
Isabelle's twinner cousin Abby had a birthday party Belly got to attend.Here are the girls in their matching dresses. Thanks Michelle, Abby and Maya!
Monique put on an Easter egg hunt for the kids.Easter morning...

Matching girls...
Matching boys...
We got to visit with Rachel and Jake too.
Easter at Grandma Websters was fun. The kids looked for baskets. It had to be inside since it snowed that morning!
Isabelle got a jump rope in her basket and she was so excited. "Watch out, I'm gonna jump!" she said.After finding their baskets, they did an Easter egg hunt.Austy and Heather. My mom made this cool bunny cake.
My sister Katie with her daughter Chloe.
My sister Emily with her son Ethan.Robert with his cousin Eli.
Mike, Lily, and Steven.
My brother Kip and Belly. I swear these two have some kind of connection. They now sport the exact same smile and both love their belly buttons!My brother Bryan and Rob. Bryan's wife Mindi and their daughter Libby.My brother Ben, his wife Amanda, and their son Rocky.
Homeschooling lately has been going so much better! I got new math and writing curriculum's that allow me to include everyone better. Here we are doing some science learning about some underwater creatures. The kids loved it!Afterwords, we did some finger painting for art. Austin's was a little more like a sculpture than a painting. It was a mess!The kids started a new sports class this weekend. They all loved it!Robert scored two goals. He was feeling so confident!
Isabelle wanted to hold Austin on her shoulders, so I let her...Pretty Talia.