Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fun in Seattle

Once again, Rob asked me two days beforehand if we wanted to go on a trip with him. Was I up for it? You bet!

So we went up to Seattle. We really weren't there long. But, Rob took us to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. He has been wanting to take us there since he and I were engaged! The kids loved it, although Austy was a little afraid when the elephants started moving and making sounds.The night was a crazy one. Robert really wasn't feeling good and threw up in the hotel that night. But, it was still worth it.

In the morning we went swimming in the hotel pool, then were off to find The Crumpet Shop!
Robert was reading Harry Potter one day and it mentioned crumpets and he asked what they were. So, we researched them, I made crumpets at home. But, across my research I found this cute little crumpet shop in Seattle. So, when we were headed to Seattle I told Rob we would have to stop by!Robert got a crumpet with butter and honey. Austin and Isabelle got Nutella crumpets. Austin mostly rubbed his hands in the chocolate and made a huge mess, but it was fun. :)I got ricotta cream and boysenberry.Rob got the "Mickey Rourke".
The Crumpet Shop was just a street away from Pike's Market. So, we headed over there to look around at the treasures. The kids got some sparkley animals....This was my treasure :)
The next day was very busy. We had sports classes for the kids in the morning. They did t-ball this time.I was off to a Tax Day Tea Party after that, Rob and the kids went to our Stake Pinewood Derby.Robert's car is in this line up... the lego car.
That night there was an auction to help the scouts and youth. Rob was the MC, second year in a row. He did a great job, even with a sore throat!All cub scouts were suppose to bring cakes. Robert wanted this dinosaur cake. Yeah, I am make to order..


The Boulter Family said...

GREAT PICTURES!!!! What a wonderful spur of the moment family vacation! I LOVE Seattle, Rain Forest Cafe, and Pike's Market!
Oh the crumpet shop looks so good! If I ever visit that region I will have to try it out!
Love all the pine wood derby pictures; fantastic!
Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures!

The Boulter Family said...

Your Dinosaur cake is sooo cute! What a awesome Mom you are!!!