Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rob's Birthday 2013

I am so grateful to have married Rob.  He has blessed my life by helping me to be a better person.  He always focuses on being happy.  He helps me to believe in myself.   He is constantly engaging with the kids, wrestling them, teasing them.  He has a drive to take care of our family that I admire.   He does so much that he sets his mind on to do.  He has great integrity, and is very thoughtful.  We are grateful to have him in our lives.

For Rob's birthday, we woke him up with breakfast in bed and gifts.  Isabelle made him a little wallet out of felt that she had completely done herself.  She found the fabric, designed it, and sewed it all on her own.  She is so sweet!  Austin and Robert made him cards.
 For dinner he requested the ribs his dad would made at home, sweet pecan roll, and french silk pie.  I filled in the rest.  It turned out yummy. :)

 We invited the Trevisanuts to join us for pie. 



 Heather made that awesome Peanut Butter pie on the left.

 Rob and Vic have been passing a candle from the dollar store back and forth to be funny.  When the last broke, Vic had to get Rob another for his birthday.

The kids all love to tease Parker.

Cameron wanted Talia to try on his glasses.  She wasn't too sure about that.


This month for astronomy we have been studying the moon and Mars.  For history we studied the ottoman empire and the English discovery of Australia.

So, we made a homemade telescope.

 We were supposed to make a moon journal and record what the moon looked like each night, but unfortunately here in the NW, it was too cloudy!  So, thanks to Pinterest, we made these  instead.


Mars has many volcanoes on it.  So, we made our own volcano from salt dough, baking soda and vinegar.  

For a fun activity earlier this month we visited some chinese gardens in Portland.  They were awesome, even though the day was freezing cold!

For the Ottoman Empire I tried to make Turkish Delight, but that was a fail.  We did read a book called "The Hungry Coat" and that was awesome.

I learned that Jan 26 is Australia Day, so this week we studied the English discovery and colonization of Australia.  So, I made a traditional Australian dessert-Pavlova. I had never had it before, but we all loved it!  It has a meringue base, whipped cream and fruit.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Years and Masquerade party

 For New Years Eve we had a little get together with the Trevisanuts, Andrea and Savannah.  All the kids love Parker.  They were hanging on him all night!
 Savanna and Talia were whispering to each other the minute she walked in.  They are such good buddies!
 Robert and Cameron.
 We played some fun card games.
 The next day I had yet another party!  This time it was the Masquerade party for school.  Here are our kids with the Swanger kids.
 Me, Isabelle and Sarah.

 Isabelle put on a puppet show for everyone with the sock puppets she had just made that day.  (Thanks Mema!)
 Austin did a magic show for everyone.  I can't find the picture!

 Didn't Eve's face turn out great with all the sparkles?
 Robin- one of Austin's fav superheros.
 Robert and Jackson, doing what they love most.
 Doesn't my husband look so regal?!
 Yes, we still do dance poses.
 Sarah and Naomi.
 Isabelle made a little movie theater with tickets and treats.  It was so cute!

Post Christmas activities

 I had to snap this of the girls before the woke up the day after Christmas.
 We were so lucky to visit with Steve, Lisa, and their girls the day after Christmas.  After that, we headed over to the Portland temple for a visit.
 I saw the new visitor center for the first time.
 Grandpa is so cute with the little ones!
 Austin got this cape for Christmas and had to wear it everywhere.

 We found this super great house all dolled up for Christmas.  It is just a family thing, but they did such a fabulous job. (Portland)

 The next day we went out to the coast to do some whale watching for "whale watching week".
 Unfortunately all we saw was a lot of water.  It was pretty though!

 Octopus tree
 Then we went to Tillamook Cheese Factory.
 They were making pepper jack that day.
 The best part- the ice cream!