Monday, January 7, 2013

December fun- pre Christmas

 Here are some of our December, pre-Christmas happenings.  The kids got to visit with Santa. :)
 Austin has been loving lining up all of his toys in random areas all over the house.  The gold guy is Brigham Young (something he got from a church lesson over a year ago)  he loves that guy!
 Austin and Talia decided to go jump on the trampoline in their swimsuits-in December!!  Austin has his goggles on and asked me, "Mom, can you turn on the sprinklers?"  It was sunny that day, but not warm!
 Isabelle and Robert had a piano recital.  Isabelle played "Up on the House Top", and Robert played "Jingle Bell Rock."  They both did a great job and both bowed afterwards, and no, I didn't tell them to.
 This is the kids with their amazing teacher Kathie Baardson.  She is teaching Austin now too.
 My friend Sarah Swanger had an awesome Grinch party.  Here Sarah and Isabelle are being "Whos".
 Talia and Eve.

 Robert, Jackson, Manti.
 Awesome treats.
Making grinchy ornaments and masks.
 Austin with his mask.  He had me go home and get his Hulk costume so he could be the grinch.

 My mom arrived in WA earlier than I was expecting, so she and Steven got to join me at the party.
 Sarah, Naomi, Geoff, and Rob.
 That night Mom and Steve gave the kids headlamps.  They had lots of fun with them. :)

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