Sunday, November 6, 2011


So, we are leaving on a trip for Utah tomorrow, but I wanted to get out our pics of Halloween before we took all the pics of Kip and Gabby's wedding etc.

So.. Here is Austin and he preschool friend Ivy on their school party day.
For homeschool we did some volunteer work at the local homeless shelter. We did cookie decorating and some musical chairs. The kids picked out toys of theirs to give to the kids and we handed them out as prizes.Everyone was so gracious and happy. It was awesome.

We had a little get together with the Trevisanuts for Halloween. We celebrated Heather's birthday.We had yummy treats.Rob and I were "pumpkin pi".Here we are Halloween night. Neighborhood kids.Neighbors- the Crouches.Kim.Our pumpkinsTrunk or Treat

I asked Rob if he could fix our DVD player before we went on the trip for the kids. How many other husbands get this deep into their electronics? I thought it was cute.