Monday, July 30, 2012

4th of July and lots of family

This is the Vista House.  The picture below, is the view from the Vista House.  I felt like Lewis and Clark looking down on the beautiful view below.

 Old tunnel and Horse Tail Falls.

 This is a replica of Stonehenge in Washington, or Cementhenge as some people call it.  It is a memorial to WW1 Veterans.
 This is Frankentank (ok, not all our stops can be winners).
 Camping by Manti with the French Family.

 Robert got sick on the trip and Emily was so sweet to spend lots of time with him in the Motor Home while he wasn't feeling well.
 We went to the Manti Pageant.

 4 wheeling
 Talia and Davis
 Jeff and Robert.  Jeff had made a cute net to catch fish.

 Andrew and Talia.  She had just made a "birthday cake" out of grass and blew out the candles.
 Colonial Fest
 My Dad and Aunt Colleen.
 The kids loved dressing in period dress.

 The kids even got to attend a colonial school for about 15 minutes.
 Jeff kept putting extra hats on Robert.
 We went to a balloon launch with my dad and Janice.

 Freedom parade in Provo with Janice, Aunt Susie, Colleen and Doug.
 Jonathan and the kids watching the parade.

Robert high fived all of the pretty cheerleaders.

Talia got really into it and was clapping her hands, or grabbing Isabelle's hands and making them clap.  Isabelle said it was the best parade she has ever been to.
 This is a picture of my Great Grandmother that my Aunt Diana drew.  I never knew anything about her.  It was cool to learn more about her and see the amazing job Aunt Diana did of her.

 Grandkids that came to the BBQ at Aunt Diana's.

 Joni, Colleen, Susie, and Diana.

 We couldn't really do fireworks on the fourth, so we did glow sticks.

 Monique is so sweet with our kids.
 This is the Place Monument.

 Panning for gold.
 Rootbeer floats at Mike and Michelle's.
 The kids wanted to run through the sprinklers at Grandma Webster's, so I lent Lily my swim suit.
 We went to a cabin and went 4 wheeling with Mom and Steve.
 We got to spend time with Lindsay and meet her new husband Gator, and cute baby Molly.
 The kids loved the 4 wheelers!
 We went to Deer Creek for a little while on the way home.
 I got to be there when Lindsay got sealed to Gator and Molly at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.

 This is the group from the temple.
 The next day was my nephew Eli's baptism.  All the men are the men who were in the confirmation circle.
 Libby, Heather, and Talia.
 Andrew, Talia, Lily, Chloe, and Austin.
 Go Dad!
 Austin's favorite thing to do now is bum wars on the trampoline.