Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Nutcracker!

I missed these pics earlier...

Austin was very anxious for me to put up Christmas (a few weeks ago).

Isabelle was in the Nutcracker this weekend. There were a lot of practices and some late nights, but it ended up being so cute!! She was a mouse and a bon bon. She had so much fun with the other girls there.All the girls had fun playing with Talia while waiting too.Our family came the first night of the performance.The Beehives in our ward came and gave Isabelle the flowers. How sweet!Other bon bons...Uncle Steve and his family came Saturday night.
There was another girl in our ward in the Nutcracker too. She was so sweet to help out with Isabelle when I couldn't be there. Her name is Alexie Pedigo.Isabelle and "Clara".What the girls did to pass the time when they weren't on stage...Isabelle was making this thank you note for the Beehives.
On Saturday morning we got together with Steve's family for Litia's birthday. We went to Safari Sam's and everyone had so much fun!

Rob and the boys went to a Christmas Party Saturday night and got to see Santa Clause!

Oh, and we got to see the weiner mobile. :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas parties!

When we came back from Utah the two girls were sick and I had a bad ear infection, so we were down for a week! But, we had to get it together quick, because we had 3 Christmas parties to work on! So, we had to get the tree up!P.S. Austin begged for that Santa hat, I had to give in.

Austin had his preschool cookie party. Rob got to go with him this time.
After that, we hosted a neighborhood Christmas party so we could get to know our neighbors a little better. I think it turned out really well. :)The kids mostly hung out downstairs and played on the wii.The next day, Rob was in charge of the ward Christmas party. He had the ward use the chimes we got from Wendy. :)
Rob ran the show with a short program that he narrated, the chimes, dinner....
and the primary kids sang some songs. It turned out great, my hubby did a wonderful job. :)Now we are just happy to be done with the parties!!

This picture is from today. I wanted a pic of the kids, and Talia just did not want to cooperate.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanksgiving in Utah

Before we left for Utah Austin had his preschool Thanksgiving party. He was so proud of his little hat (and devastated he forgot to bring it to Utah.)

Austin also made this "thankful turkey" at school. I don't know where the dogs and dog bones came from. He must have been scraping the bottom of the barrel there.
We stopped by the Japenese gardens in on their free day before we left for Utah. The fall colors looked gorgeous!
Isabelle made one of these for me and Rob on the spur of the moment one day. She made paper sandwiches for us. Isn't she a sweetheart?!!
I found this fun candy house/restaurant in Portland and took Austy there.

We treated Wendy's family to some malts.
Rob and his brother Mike got to go to a BYU game while we were in Utah.On the way there it started snowing and Robert said, "Look Mom, it's raining snow!!" I guess it shows what weather we have the most of!We went to Classic with Wendy. They had skating, bounce houses, and nerf ball room. It was so fun. Plus, we could roller skate with strollers and scooters!Austin was so brave to go so high in the bounce houses.Even Talia got into it.We got to play with wiggle cars at Aunt Diana's.
We had fun at Mom's for Thanksgiving.

Little Chloe, (on the far right) kept running around saying, "I'm Ahora!" I think she meant to say "I'm Aurora."
This is me and my sister Katie with her little boy Andrew. He is two months younger than Talia.This is Rob's brother Mike with his son Davis. He was born within two weeks of Talia.
We had a cousin sleepover. Austin and Heather got along so well!Then we went to the Children's Museum in Salt Lake. Libby had me do all the girl's hair matching.Talia took her first steps here in Utah!! She took four at the children's museum. :)
I got to see my cute sister Emily.