Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Nutcracker!

I missed these pics earlier...

Austin was very anxious for me to put up Christmas (a few weeks ago).

Isabelle was in the Nutcracker this weekend. There were a lot of practices and some late nights, but it ended up being so cute!! She was a mouse and a bon bon. She had so much fun with the other girls there.All the girls had fun playing with Talia while waiting too.Our family came the first night of the performance.The Beehives in our ward came and gave Isabelle the flowers. How sweet!Other bon bons...Uncle Steve and his family came Saturday night.
There was another girl in our ward in the Nutcracker too. She was so sweet to help out with Isabelle when I couldn't be there. Her name is Alexie Pedigo.Isabelle and "Clara".What the girls did to pass the time when they weren't on stage...Isabelle was making this thank you note for the Beehives.
On Saturday morning we got together with Steve's family for Litia's birthday. We went to Safari Sam's and everyone had so much fun!

Rob and the boys went to a Christmas Party Saturday night and got to see Santa Clause!

Oh, and we got to see the weiner mobile. :)

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The Boulter Family said...

These are the most adorable pictures! I swear you are without a doubt super mom; I am convinced!
Have a very Merry Christmas!