Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas parties!

When we came back from Utah the two girls were sick and I had a bad ear infection, so we were down for a week! But, we had to get it together quick, because we had 3 Christmas parties to work on! So, we had to get the tree up!P.S. Austin begged for that Santa hat, I had to give in.

Austin had his preschool cookie party. Rob got to go with him this time.
After that, we hosted a neighborhood Christmas party so we could get to know our neighbors a little better. I think it turned out really well. :)The kids mostly hung out downstairs and played on the wii.The next day, Rob was in charge of the ward Christmas party. He had the ward use the chimes we got from Wendy. :)
Rob ran the show with a short program that he narrated, the chimes, dinner....
and the primary kids sang some songs. It turned out great, my hubby did a wonderful job. :)Now we are just happy to be done with the parties!!

This picture is from today. I wanted a pic of the kids, and Talia just did not want to cooperate.

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Gina said...

Wow, I think now you can settle down into cozy land and enjoy the rest of the season! No more stress for you.
That is really a neat thing you did though having your neigbors over! I really tried not to over do myself this year, and I still managed to make myself sick.
We miss you guys. Hope you are doing well. I am not doing christmas cards this year, so Merry Merry Christmas to you!