Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Patrick's Day and more

For home-school, the day before St. Patrick's day, I taught Robert all about who St. Patrick was, about Shamrocks, Ireland and where St. Patrick came from (he actually was born in Britain and came over to Ireland to spread the gospel). I also played him some Irish music. So, I really didn't feel like I did too much on St. Patrick's day, the day was too crazy! Belly had a green eggs and ham breakfast at Preschool, and I had a couple other appts. But, at least I made some our my family's St. Patrick's tradition and some of Rob's. We always had a green dinner at our house growing up. Rob's family made a traditional Irish meal. I only included the Petticoat tails from Rob's family (they were the best part anyways). They are kind of like a cookie. I have been struggling with homeschooling lately, so I have been looking into different curriculums. I just bought a Saxon Math curriculum for him and am borrowing an English curriculum for him and I like them so much better! He is happier and so am I. I just want what is best for my son. Decisions like these are so scary! But, his handwriting is the best I have ever seen it this week and I love being able to research things that he is interested in, together. I learn right along with him.
I have also tried waking the kids up with Primary music this week. It has actually made our mornings go much smoother. I tell them it is time to get up, then just put on the music. The are roused much quicker and I don't have to be as on top of them!
Isabelle has been begging for a gymnastics outfit, so I finally gave in this week. She has also been wanting to put on a play, in her new outfit, with me. I finally told her we could do the "play" today. Luckily she just wanted me to watch. It turned out to be a bunch of somersaults that she did. The other day I took her out to eat and she was making designs in her ketchup with her fries. I may have a child that is into the arts.This is Belly with her friend Madison.Austin has been doing great with his potty training this week. He has had a number of days without any accidents. Last night he asked if he could wear underwear to bed. We let him, even though his diapers have been wet every time we take them off in the morning. HE STAYED DRY!! YEA!
Talia has been a little more fussy lately, but we are getting more smiles! This morning I fed her, then, as I was burping her, I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she gave me a big sleepy smile. It was so sweet!More springtime pics... Can you tell I absolutely adore spring?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pinewood Derby and Crumpets

Yesterday was Robert's first pinewood derby. Robert and Daddy were working madly right up to the last minute to get his car ready. They decided on a lego car this year. Robert's car actually won first place for his age group!! His car will go off to the finals! We are so excited for him!

Robert painted his car and built the lego part on the top. He helped Daddy with the other parts.While reading in "Harry Potter"this week, we read that Harry ate crumpets. Robert asked, "What are crumpets?". I knew that they are something that they eat in England, but I didn't know what they were either. So, we read about them, about the UK, and made some crumpets the next day. They are suppose to look like this...
Ours didn't quite turn out like this, but we did have fun making them
Belly had a funny.... She was telling me that she watched the "Princess Diaries" with her friend Clara. She said, "Isn't it funny that the Princess Diaries came out of your butt?" I said, "Do you know what a Diary is?" She said, "Yeah, it comes out of your butt." I laughed so hard I was almost crying. I had to explain to her that a "diary" is a book where you write about your life, not diarrhea.
I have been working on potty training Austin again (that is why he is not wearing pants in this pic). He is getting really good at getting his clothes on and off and has been wearing undies all week! He started out saying "NO! I don't want to wear underwear, they will make me pee!" By the end of the week, when we were going to put his diaper on for nighttime, he was saying, "No! I don't want to wear a diaper!" I think that is a definite sign of success. :) He has made hardly any messes and maybe by this summer he will be going without me having to remind him every hour or two.

I actually taught Austin to write the letter "A" this week as well. He wants so badly to do the same things as Isabelle and Robert. I am excited with his progress. ;)Talia is doing great. She really hasn't kept me up much at night, she takes good naps, and has even started to smile and coo! I feel like she is actually looking at my face now instead of just blankly staring. The kids are still in love with her. They want to hold her all the time and are so willing to run to get a pacifier, burp rag, or diaper. It is so nice having older helpers!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baptism and Blessing

What blessings we have had in the last while!!! We were able to have Robert baptized and Talia blessed in the same weekend.

Robert is such a good, strong boy. I am so proud of the example that he sets for his siblings and for his friends. He is not afraid to share the gospel, or stand up for what he believes, already. He has a testimony and has borne it a number of times (sure beat me by this point). I know that he was ready for this day, and I couldn't be happier.
This is the picture Robert really wanted to take!

The day was wonderful. Robert was SO excited he was jumping up and down, literally. Nan played the piano, Rob and Bob gave talks. Bob confirmed him. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people came out to support and show their love for Robert the day of his baptism. Even my friends, the Lemmons, came out to show their support.
The night of Robert's baptism we tried out VooDoo doughnuts for the first time. I guess we picked the wrong time to go. We arrived at like 7:30 at night and there was a big line out the front of the doughnut shop. It had just been nominated one of the top ten doughnut places in the U.S. by Bon Apetit. Oh well, we endured the line and got some yummy doughnuts. Yes, the one Austin is eating has fruit loops on it. The one next to his is the actual "Voo Doo" doughnut, it has a pretzel for a pin in it.

The next day was the baby blessing for Talia Mae.The girls...
Isabelle LOVES it when Talia holds her hand.Robert just LOVES Talia with all his heart.