Monday, March 19, 2012

Bikes, St Patricks, Cake Auction

Last week all three of our kids learned how to ride a bike!!! After all these years of practicing, they could do it so quickly this week. I really think the balance bikes helped a ton.St Patrick's Day

We had our ward's cake and service auction on St. Patrick's day this year. It really bummed me out because we usually do a fun dinner for St. Patricks. But, Rob was the auctioneer, like he has been the last 4 years, so we needed to go. So, I decided to do a fun St. Patrick's day lunch.

I did a leprechaun quesadilla, rainbow fruit kabobs, and rainbow goldfish.I also made rainbow cupcakes.

I wanted to make sure everyone had a little bit o' green for St. Patti's day. Isabelle decided she would rather have a feather boa than a green shirt.
Austin was quite the little leprechaun at Old Navy. I did give in and get him the tie. P.S. Austin tells me his favorite things right now are presidents, fancy clothes, and the color red. He says he wants to be a president someday and is obsessed with George Washington. He also told me the other day, "Robert says that kissing girls is gross, but I don't think so...."

That night was the cake auction. Here is Rob the auctioneer.
Some of the teenage boys in our ward made a huge cake of the bishop. It was awesome!Here are some other cute cakes that were there....

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Homeschool-plague, James Madison, Isabelle's play, Joan of Arc

To start off, we studied the Black Plague. The kids reactions to it were so funny to me. Robert was like "That's gross mom, you are creeping me out."

After I told them that the "Ring around the Rosies" song was about the Black Plague (and yes, I had explained it at this point), Isabelle said "Mom, can we play ring around the rosies right now?!"

These outfits are similar to what doctors used to wear during the outbreak of the Black Plague. They would wear a bird mask, a hat and cloth to cover all of their skin. We just used hooded sweatshirts for this.
For our homeschool group I taught a lesson on James Madison. For our activity we made feather pens and traced the preamble.
The papers on the wall were people who attended the Constitutional Convention.
Isabelle took an acting class and performed a Veggie Tales play entitled "God is bigger than the Boogie Man". She was "Little Lucy" who got to jump out and scare some of the other girls. She did a great job acting, singing, and dancing. :)
We learned about Joan of Arc, then acted out the coronation ceremony for Charles the VII of France (Joan of Arc made this happen). Isabelle loved acting out Joan of Arc.Here, Austin was being Charles the VII.Then we did it again, this time with Robert being Charles the VII.

Friend stuff

Our friends the Clements came to play a couple weekends ago ( I just realized how behind I am on my blogs!)
Here is David and Austin. They get along so well!Same with Robert and Nathan!Thanks for coming up, we had so much fun!

We got to go to a Swanger Star Wars Party as well. Even the baby got into it!

Cub Scouts-Blue and Gold, Pinewood Derby

Here are my pics from the Blue and Gold and Pinewood Derby.

Robert led the pledge.
I ended up getting a fat lip that night, but I gave out some awards.
The boys were given a box of miscellaneous stuff and were suppose to make things out of it.There was a display table for things that the boys had done.This was Robert's car for the pinewood derby. Rob was the announcer at the derby.

Robert placed in his age group for the Pinewood Derby.