Monday, March 19, 2012

Bikes, St Patricks, Cake Auction

Last week all three of our kids learned how to ride a bike!!! After all these years of practicing, they could do it so quickly this week. I really think the balance bikes helped a ton.St Patrick's Day

We had our ward's cake and service auction on St. Patrick's day this year. It really bummed me out because we usually do a fun dinner for St. Patricks. But, Rob was the auctioneer, like he has been the last 4 years, so we needed to go. So, I decided to do a fun St. Patrick's day lunch.

I did a leprechaun quesadilla, rainbow fruit kabobs, and rainbow goldfish.I also made rainbow cupcakes.

I wanted to make sure everyone had a little bit o' green for St. Patti's day. Isabelle decided she would rather have a feather boa than a green shirt.
Austin was quite the little leprechaun at Old Navy. I did give in and get him the tie. P.S. Austin tells me his favorite things right now are presidents, fancy clothes, and the color red. He says he wants to be a president someday and is obsessed with George Washington. He also told me the other day, "Robert says that kissing girls is gross, but I don't think so...."

That night was the cake auction. Here is Rob the auctioneer.
Some of the teenage boys in our ward made a huge cake of the bishop. It was awesome!Here are some other cute cakes that were there....


RBeckstead said...

Wow! You guys have been busy! I liked the bird masks...ha ha ha! I like how Rob is the announcer for EVERYTHING! That cracks me up! I can't wait for you guys to come to UT, then we'll see you more!

Rob French said...

The funniest part about the auction is that they just assumed that I was going to be the auctioneer. The guy that was supposed to ask me never did. The Sunday before the auction a woman asked me if I had been contacted and if everything was all set. They got very lucky. We almost skipped it because we are moving!

Rob French said...

Rachel, tell Jake thanks for the advice. It really helped!