Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween and my b-day

Here are just some pics of our pumpkin carving. Unfortunately, Rob's pumpkin rotted before he could carve it, but he helped with the other kids. Robert actually carved his pumpkin himself this year! He even offered, and carved Bella's too! What a nice brother. :)

We had a pumpkin dessert that night.
We trick or treated as Wendy, Peter Pan, Captain Jack Sparrow, Tinkerbell and Captain Hook.

I attended when the Tea Party Express came into town.

I turned 32 on Sunday. Rob made me breakfast, surprized me with presents (he said Hawaii was for my birthday), and made me a cake. I have a good husband. :)

Some friends brought me this sweet gift as well.
Here is a tummy progress update. On my birthday I was 28 weeks along.