Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's a GIRL!

I had my ultrasound on Monday and we found out that we are having a girl!!! We are all so excited! It is a good thing too, Isabelle told me the other day, "Mommy, if the baby is a boy I am sleeping with you so I don't have to sleep alone anymore."
I am glad she won't have to sleep alone any more.

It looks like she has a little pointy chin like my other kids, but I can already tell a little bit of difference from the others.

Also, this week I had to take a pic of a zucchini from our garden. It is huge!! Zucchini bread heaven, here we come. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rachel's Wedding

So, last week we went to Utah for Rob's sister Rachel's wedding. Rob scheduled business appts in Boise, Salt Lake, and Twin Falls for the way back. We NEVER stop on the way to Utah, so this was such a nice break. The kids love going to hotels and it was so nice not to have to drive for so long. I love that Rob can include our family with his work trips and family trips. We are so blessed!!

The first day there my mom took us to a splash park. Who do you think got the most wet?.....

It was so fun to see my cute sister Katie and her kids too. :)The kids loved playing with their cousins.Belly liked climbing the trees, in a dress...
Rachel looked beautiful for her wedding.Rachel got lots of loves from the grandkids, she is so good with them, they all love her.Jake even got a love from Austin! My kids love Jake too!Rachel is so thoughtful. One of the first things she did was let Isabelle hold her bouquet. She really made her day!Here are all the siblings. All 7 of them are now married in the temple.
Rachel was married in the Manti temple. The weather was beautiful.The reception was at a park in Provo. My kids wanted to get down and dirty there. Too bad they were in their nice clothes!Belly and Austin fed some ducks there. There was a little boy there that kept calling Isabelle "Princess" and followed her around. It was really cute.Bob always does a ring ceremony for those who couldn't be in the temple.Their car was a mess. At least they were good humored about it.We went waterskiing on Wendy and Jason's boat over the holiday.
Here Rob is skiing, but the water was really choppy, so it was hard to stay up.Here is Wendy skiing, but she wasn't up for long either.
The girls wanted to go on the tube. Bella got a little nervous. Lindsay could have been out there forever! Check out that smile on her face! :)
At home, Robert found this fun frog on our front portch.Then I went to a Patriot Rally for 9-12 in Vancouver. WE were so lucky we got to have Bob Basso come of YouTube fame doing his famous Thomas Paine speech. He is so inspiring!If you want to know what I am talking about. Here is a link to Bob Basso's video on YouTube.
I heard in Washington D.C. they had almost 2 million! How exciting that so many are in the cause to preserve our liberties and the country that our founding fathers wanted for us.

We find out what we are having tomorrow! (Boy or girl) We will fill you in soon!