Sunday, August 29, 2010


Last week we went to Yellowstone my best friend Wendy and her family.
And YES, we found the yellow stone!
Ok, seriously, this is how our trip went....(I just didn't have time to do a full post before.)Hydrangeas in bloom right before we left. P.S. This reminds me of how in the old days the neighbors would invite people over to see a slide show of their trip. So, this is my slide show, sorry guys if you don't enjoy slide shows! :)

We stopped in Rexburg and visited Rachel and Jake. :)

Then visited the gardens on the BYU-I campus ( I pretty much only call this place Rick's, but I guess it's BYU-I now).
I was worried that I would be sad because there are so many changes going on there, but it looks so beautiful and wonderful, that I was so happy about all of the improvements.My old dorm room Wendy and I shared in dorm 6.We had lunch at Big Judd's, where all the college kids go.The guys tackled the one pound hamburgers.Rachel and Jake came too.Then we made a stop at Mesa Falls.This place looked so different to me because I had only seen it in the winter.

The kids were very entertained by this drinking fountain. I swear it shot 15 feet in the air!So, of course the kids got soaked.
Then, off to Yellowstone!
The landscape was covered with hotpots and geysers like this.
This was a boiling mud pot. I had never seen something like this before!

Oh wait, yes I have, the bog of eternal stench from Labyrinth! It was even stinky too. :)
Some of it was very beautiful. I loved this hot pot. It looked good enough to jump right in, except that it might boil my skin off.
Old Faithful was awesome, it reminded me of that drinking fountain we saw earlier.
I loved the lodge. There was interesting architecture and design everywhere, and it was build in the early 1900's.Traffic build ups are the most fun when they are caused by buffalo.
Robert just had to get a bison after that.

My favorite spot in the whole park was the "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone with the Green Waterfall." Ok, I made up that last part.
Dragon's Mouth
Rob got to be a cowboy,
and I was his cowgirl.My horse was very stubborn. A tree had fallen in the way of the normal trail. The guide got all the horses across the tree except mine. I ended up trading horses with the guide so he could get my horse around the tree. I didn't mind, his horse was much better!
Meanwhile, back at the cabin....

Austin said to me, "Mommy, Rachel is my best friend, I love her so much." What a sweetie! Doesn't this look like a mini bf gf photo or something?Austin was always sharing something with Rachel too. This was a car they kept sharing together.

I guess in the 50's there was a big earthquake in Yellowstone park. This lake was formed then. There are dead trees in this lake from when the earthquake happened. I guess Jason's aunt was there when it happened.
Fancy FeastRachel just loved the baby!cabin time

The next day Wendy and Jason got to do a horse trip.
When they got back, we took the kids for a ride.
Work it girl.They just went up to the little schoolhouse and back.Robert and Austin didn't want to ride the horses, but Robert did eventually sit on one.
Austin pet one...
Talia needs a turn!
We got to see bears and wolves too!But, unfortunately we had to go to a museum to see them.
So, we decided to take a break in a teepee
Last day at the parkThe whole gang
The Green teamBlue team
Red, yellow, pink...
Castle Rock
To Rexburg, and beyond!

Idaho Falls templeRexburg temple

Jacob Spori Building on BYU-I campus. It was my favorite building when I was there. It burned down after I graduated and this is the new one. I was dissappointed when I saw the front of the new building because the old one was so much cooler.
But, then I found that they had kept the stones from the front of the old building and put them on the inside of the new one!
We went up to Boise next. We took the kids bowling after Rob's business mtg.
Isabelle was disappointed she wasn't getting all strikes, so Rob had to convince her of "princess bowling" (spinning around before and after you throw the ball).We came home to this...