Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not much to report

The kids had some fun in the sprinklers this week as Rob was turning them on for the first time this season.

Not much to report here. Austin keeps getting bigger and more and more like a little boy every day. I really can't call him a baby anymore. He loves this little toy motorcycle and has to have it on almost every waking second of the day. Daddy saved the day today by putting in new batteries.

He is definitely resourceful. He came and stole the stool out of the bathroom the other day and I realized how there are always so many cars all over the playroom, from a place he couldn't reach before.

Robert has been complaining about his stomach lately. He has always had stomach probs. Unfortunately, he has never been good at eating fruits or vegetables. He has started to enjoy hitting a ball as I pitch to him. We have started to read Harry Potter with him and he absolutely loves it. He is reading a book called Geronimo Stilton, about a mouse spy. Very cute.

Isabelle is as fun and quirky as every she woke up yesterday and asked for salad for breakfast. Then she cried because it was only lettuce and chicken. She wanted a fancy salad with lots of toppings. What a silly.

Unfortunately at dance on Friday they handed out the recital costumes for all the girls. We are not going to be here for the recital and had worked out with another parent that we were going to sell the costume to them. But, the instructors brought out the costumes and handed them out to everyone there, including Bella! She was so excited to get it and so heartbroken when I told her that we were going to sell it to the other little girl since we would be gone. So, I let her wear it for the day and had Rob do the dirty work of selling her on the idea of selling the costume. She bought it-for now!
BTW she wanted to be serious for this picture, and on the chair. She is so funny.

Rob got the phone of his dreams this week- the palm pre.

I am geared up for camp this week since we are leaving for Utah on the 13th. Also, had a 9-12 mtg. As political as ever, to the chagrin of many I am sure. :)

Have a good week!