Sunday, January 18, 2009

Visits and ramblings

Ok, I really don't feel like I have a whole lot to post this week, especially after the major picture barrage that I put on last week. But, here goes.

Robert had a little bit of a hard time adjusting back to regular school life after the Christmas break. It is fun to play, but hard to get back into the routine sometimes. He makes me laugh though. He brought home a Goosebumps book from school (suppose to be spooky for kids) and he has been loving it! But, we watched Happy Feet the other night and got scared! What a silly kid:)

Austin has been a bundle of joy, energy, and eats more food than any kid in our family. Makes me excited to have such a happy, healthy kids. But, the bonus is he didn't write on anything in our house this week! Oh, and he is all of a sudden into trains too. If I say show, he immediately says "Train, train!" He loves Thomas the train.

Isabelle has been loving going back to school. I think she missed her friends over the Christmas break, she is a social girl! She has also been changing her clothes up to like 10 times a day! It makes me laugh so hard. Her favorite outfit lately has been her swimsuit coverup that I got her last year (and would never wear then anyways!) Oh, and this picture is what she wore to the dentist.

We all finally went to the dentist this week. I was amazed at how calm and happy all the kids were there, even Austin! Afterwards I kept praising Isabelle at how well she did, how brave she was etc and that is why she got a prize. She said, "You weren't brave were you mom?",
"Why?", I asked.
"Because you didn't get a prize!"

Rob decided to redo our living room this week. We moved our couch, computer, bookshelves etc to better accomodate his newly acquired projector. He is finally getting closer to the movie room he wants.

On our way down to Utah we listened to a radio talk show or something that said that people who watch a lot of TV are generally unhappy and people who visit a lot are generally happy. So, I have tried to take that to heart and be more social. So, this weekend we ended up going on a double date on Friday, doing a birthday visit Sat morning, and a movie night with some friends that night. I must say, I did feel pretty happy after all of that visiting. Thank you friends!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas, and trip to Utah

Sorry I haven't written for a while. Things have been a little crazy here at our house. We had an early Christmas at home, then went to Utah for Christmas and see my lil Bro Kip come home from his mission. Before we left....

Robert won an award at school for academics.

We got hit by a major snowstorm and almost weren't able to go to Utah

The kids got an early present from Mima and Papa of this horse that they made:)

We put up this huge picture in our living room. Rob's dad was super nice and made the frame and found the glass for us.

Christmas morning Robert got up early and got dressed before he even went down to see the toys! It was so fun to hear him open up every toy saying "this is the best present ever!"

That night Rob fell asleep early and I started to pack to leave for Utah in the morning. We weren't sure that we would be able to go, because the news said that i-84 would be closed indefinitely, but we hoped! In the morning Rob ran upstairs and said it was open, and we were off! We visited my sister Katie and our girls had fun being princesses!
We visited my Grandpa Boulter.
The kids got some fun presents from Grandma and Grandpa Webster! Austin got this cool Arc.
Robert got a Star Wars game. He has lOOOVVED this:)
Belly got this fun skirt, Which can also double as a great hat.At our house, anything can be used as a dress up right?Lindsay gave all of the grandkids some awesome mugs to paint.Monique scored with the hugs with the presents she gave the kids.It was fun to visit with our spunky Grandma Nan.Kip came home on the 27th. Mom had made signs for all of the grandkids to wear at the airport to greet him. It was so exciting to have him home:)
My mom made a bunch of awesome signs for the front of the house to welcome Kip home, including yellow paint in the snow.Then we opened presents. Here are the grandkids...
I think I see a bit of a Kip smile on Belly...
Lindsay was lucky enough to get to snuggle a sleepy Austy.We visited Ben and his family and the kids loved riding on Rocky's new toy...Tio sure eaned some points that night.

On Monday we took some family pics. Here is Bryan's fam
Ben's famOur fam. My kids really weren't into cooperating at the moment...
Ethan didn't really want to cooperate either, so here is one I took at home of Emily and Ethan.
Here's Katie's fam
Then, the parents, Kip and Lindsay...
We actually did take one of the whole family together, but I don't have it yet...

We had fun visiting with my friend Wendy and her family. All the kids had fun dressing up there.Austin has decided all of a sudden that he is in love with trains, as can be seen here.Robert started taking this costume off when he saw me about to take this picTanner got into the act too..
Bella had lots of fun playing with her twinner cousin Abby.And Robert did with his twinner cousin Liam, and fun cousin Harry, all swashbucklers! Rachel had fun entertaining the kids with Jeff's ratWe gave Heather's family some presents for Christmas. They were grateful and gave us lots of loves!Lots of people seemed to be getting Wii's this year on both sides of our family. So, we had fun playing some of that too. Here is Nan and Shanna getting into it.
And, I just had to throw in this one of my beautiful enchantress..
Robert lost another tooth while we were there.And we visited my good friend Lupe on the way home:)
It was a great trip:) Sorry this was so long, but I had to catch up!!