Sunday, January 18, 2009

Visits and ramblings

Ok, I really don't feel like I have a whole lot to post this week, especially after the major picture barrage that I put on last week. But, here goes.

Robert had a little bit of a hard time adjusting back to regular school life after the Christmas break. It is fun to play, but hard to get back into the routine sometimes. He makes me laugh though. He brought home a Goosebumps book from school (suppose to be spooky for kids) and he has been loving it! But, we watched Happy Feet the other night and got scared! What a silly kid:)

Austin has been a bundle of joy, energy, and eats more food than any kid in our family. Makes me excited to have such a happy, healthy kids. But, the bonus is he didn't write on anything in our house this week! Oh, and he is all of a sudden into trains too. If I say show, he immediately says "Train, train!" He loves Thomas the train.

Isabelle has been loving going back to school. I think she missed her friends over the Christmas break, she is a social girl! She has also been changing her clothes up to like 10 times a day! It makes me laugh so hard. Her favorite outfit lately has been her swimsuit coverup that I got her last year (and would never wear then anyways!) Oh, and this picture is what she wore to the dentist.

We all finally went to the dentist this week. I was amazed at how calm and happy all the kids were there, even Austin! Afterwards I kept praising Isabelle at how well she did, how brave she was etc and that is why she got a prize. She said, "You weren't brave were you mom?",
"Why?", I asked.
"Because you didn't get a prize!"

Rob decided to redo our living room this week. We moved our couch, computer, bookshelves etc to better accomodate his newly acquired projector. He is finally getting closer to the movie room he wants.

On our way down to Utah we listened to a radio talk show or something that said that people who watch a lot of TV are generally unhappy and people who visit a lot are generally happy. So, I have tried to take that to heart and be more social. So, this weekend we ended up going on a double date on Friday, doing a birthday visit Sat morning, and a movie night with some friends that night. I must say, I did feel pretty happy after all of that visiting. Thank you friends!


The Boulter Family said...

I think that is great advice to be more social. I don't watch t.v. The thing that takes up too much time is the Internet.
Goose Bumps I read those books when I was in elementary. You were so cool if you read them because yes they were scary!
The recipe for the sweet and sour chicken well I do not use a recipe so either I will make it again in the near future and try to give correct measurements or if you would like I could just give you the basics. Let me know what you want.

Swangerlings said...

Hey! You're not suppose to post the picture or else I wouldn't have let you take I am so glad you guys came over, we have to get together soon, maybe have a party..K?

Amy said...

Hehe, my daughter Brooke wore her Sleeping Beauty costume to the dentist. I'm glad I'm not the only one bringing kids in that look like it's Halloween!