Monday, November 8, 2010

Dates, stairs are done, and more!

The kids have been earning activities. This time they chose dates. Robert and I had a "Harry Potter" date. We made scones together, went to a Harry Potter activity going on at a school, made rootbeer floats, and then put together some Harry Potter legos while watching the movie. Robert came up with all of that himself. We had a good date! Rob took Belly and Austin to the movie "Megamind". It was in 3-D, when Isabelle put her glasses on she said, "It made the movie real!"

On Saturday we took the kids roller skating.Rob finished the stairs. Here is the before and after.
I think it looks so much better! Thank you Rob!!

A friend gave Robert some snow pants today. He was so excited for them.He even wore them to dinner. Rob made me dinner tonight since tomorrow is my b-day! It was delicious, thanks honey!

P.S. Talia stood up on her own for about a second today!!

Halloween continued

So, I didn't have time to post everything from Halloween. Our weekend was kind of a strange Halloween for us since Halloween was on a Sunday this year, and we had Stake Conference. So, Saturday we went to a pool party for the kid's swim teacher. She has cancer and had to stop teaching. So, she had a party for all the kids to say goodbye.That night we went to stake conference. The next day I let Robert wear his Indiana Jones costume to church (since it's church clothes with a leather jacket anyways.) I wore my witch tights with a black skirt and top. Then I made this fun Halloween dinner.
Pumpkin bread, mummy dogs, asparagus...
I tried a jello hand, it didn't work out so well.
and we put eyeballs in our hot cider.
As you can see, Robert didn't make it to the meal. He decided he would rather sleep. I think we were all the happier for it. :)We didn't go trick or treating. We just let the kids dress up and took some pumpkin bread to a neighbor so they could see the kids. Everyone was so happy. :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween party party party.....

Last weekend we had our 11th annual Halloween party. It was so much fun! Here is the cast of characters that came.

Wendy and Bryan Ross

Mike and Jaymee Hornberger
Jennifer and Tim Howard
Matt and Javanne Allen
Shalee and Allen RuthShalee made this awesome punch. :)Vic and Heather Trevisanut. They helped us with games this year and they were so fun!Danile and Ted DucetteGeoff and Sara SwangerRob and I were Macbeth characters this year. I was a "weird sister" or witch from Macbeth, Rob was part of the army that hid behind the branches of Birnam Wood to attack the castle.Angie and JeffThe kids got to enjoy the spoils of the party.Monday night we did pumpkin carving for FHE.

We put on the "Thriller" video while we were carving pumpkins. That is why Belly is dancing here. I tried to do some of the dance moves as well. :)Talia got into the Halloween spirit by chewing on a skeleton.We had pumpkin pie.Here is the end result!Austin got to wear a costume to soccer practice.

Robert got to dress up for Pack Meeting.
They had pumpkin bowling. So fun!Austin had a Halloween party at his preschool.
We had a homeschooler Halloween party.
I did a Macbeth presentation there. I dressed up like a witch and told the story from the witch's perspective. I had the kids wear name signs behind me and act it out as I told the story. Then I made a witches brew. I had bottles labled 'Crushed bones', 'dried blood', 'eyeballs', etc. The kids just ate it up! Afterwards we all played games.cookie decoratingpin the teeth on the vampiremusical chairsRobert had a Karate party that night.
Then we went to trunk or treat!Isabelle was so tired after that party day that she fell asleep in process of putting her jammies on.