Monday, November 8, 2010

Dates, stairs are done, and more!

The kids have been earning activities. This time they chose dates. Robert and I had a "Harry Potter" date. We made scones together, went to a Harry Potter activity going on at a school, made rootbeer floats, and then put together some Harry Potter legos while watching the movie. Robert came up with all of that himself. We had a good date! Rob took Belly and Austin to the movie "Megamind". It was in 3-D, when Isabelle put her glasses on she said, "It made the movie real!"

On Saturday we took the kids roller skating.Rob finished the stairs. Here is the before and after.
I think it looks so much better! Thank you Rob!!

A friend gave Robert some snow pants today. He was so excited for them.He even wore them to dinner. Rob made me dinner tonight since tomorrow is my b-day! It was delicious, thanks honey!

P.S. Talia stood up on her own for about a second today!!