Monday, April 9, 2012


We had a passover feast since we studied the scattering of Israel this week. Robert made the matzo bread.Austin and Isabelle made the Charoset
I didn't want to do a lamb bone, so I improvised. We had lamb popcorn.
This is Robert experiencing the bitter herbs.For our Egg decorating Rob got gold stuff which we ended up having to paint on the eggs. It was fun...

but messy!Easter
Austin says one of his favorite things is leprechauns. Here is Talia in all of her Easter wares. She got the purse, the dress and the shoes today. I made the dress to match Isabelle's.Robert said he doesn't like nerf guns, do you believe him.Isabelle sang in a trio of girls in Sacrament meeting today. She looked so comfortable in front of everyone. We are proud of her.Rob gave me these pretty flowers.Here is our Easter meal.I got Rob a photography book for his birthday and he has really taken off with it. He took most of the pictures you see here and I think he is doing a great job.

Conference, Seattle, Pigtails

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Isabelle's 7th birthday-a fashion party

Isabelle is the only girl I know whose favorite meal is salmon, baked potatoes, and steamed veggies. So, that is what we had for her birthday meal.

For her presents, I tried my hand at two things I found on pinterest. I made some Barbie clothes.
I also made a nightgown for her out of a pillowcase. She has been begging me for a pretty nightgown, and for me to repair her barbie clothes.
She told me that she wanted a "fashion" birthday party, so I did the best I could. We bought some service at our church auction for some teens to do hair and make up.We had dress ups for the girls to use to dress up in. Then we put on some music and they could go down the catwalk.

She choose French Silk pie for her dessert.


For homeschool last week we studied Russia for homeschool. We learned about Ivan the Great and Ivan the Terrible. We made Borscht, gingerbread, and painted eggs.Here the kids are blowing the eggs to decorate them.
Here are the eggs after we spray painted them. We actually put pictures of famous Russian buildings on them as well, but I guess you can't see them in the picture.
Here are some of our gingerbread men.
I made borscht. Isabelle and I thought it wasn't too bad, the boys didn't like it. It is bright red because of the beets in it.