Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas '09

So, here are some highlights from Christmastime.....

Making cookies.
Rob gave me my biggest and best Christmas present ever, this red couch!!We had a turkey feast for dinner on Christmas Eve-so fun!We let the kids open one present Christmas Eve, jammies, and they loved them!
Robert wanted to make sure to set out some cookies for Santa.Set up after Santa came...Kids checking out their presents...Rob made this lego tabletop for Robert.Christmas can be so messy!The Russons invited us to join them for their family Christmas party. We love you Russons!
Here are some more presents the kids enjoyed. Robert wanted a "Robot Vampire". We weren't sure what to do about that, so we just got him a Robot and added our own vampire teeth. I can't believe how much he has loved this toy, it is a Vampire Robot to him!Robert also loves crystals, so we got him this crystal growing kit and worked on the first crystal today. He was so excited.We put Austin's car mat up in his room, and he loves his football slippers too!
Belly got a Polly Pocket Roller Coaster,
and a little dollhouse.We have also been getting ready for the baby to come. We have the crib and bedding all set up.And we put up fun polka dots all over the walls.Merry Christmas everyone!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Happenings since Thanksgiving.

So, one of the first things we did when we got home from Utah was get our Christmas tree. I love living right next to Fred Meyer, so we didn't even need to tie it to our car. :)Austin liked to wear the stockings around.We gave the kids their "chinky pins" from Hawaii and they were so excited!We took the kids on some "kid dates".

Rob took Robert and Austin to the Rocks and Minerals museum. I heard the boys just squealed with delight seeing all the cool rocks there.
I took Isabelle to the Nutcracker. I am SOOOO sad I don't have any pics! I told her that we were going to dress nice, and she picked out her Tinkerbell costume to wear. I did her hair up like Tinkerbell and put sparkles in her hair, she really looked like she could have been in the show.
I took her to a restaurant beforehand and we shared some ice-cream. Then I took her to the show. While there I bought her a rose (she ADORES fresh flowers).
I was a little worried if she would like it because there were no words and nothing to explain the storyline but dancing and song. I did my best to narrate for her. But she LOVED IT!!! She loved the beautiful costumes, dances and music. By the end, she got up and was dancing in the aisle during the performance! I talked to some girls in front of us and learned that they were giving flowers to one of the performers because she was a friend of theirs. Isabelle asked if she could give one of the performers her flower. I told her she could keep it or give it away, but she really wanted to give it to the girl playing Clara. She kept wanting to go up to the stage for the rest of the show to give it to her!
When she did give "Clara" the rose, Clara was really sweet and gave Isabelle a big hug.
Since the performance, Isabelle, Austin and I have acted out the nutcracker (At Belly's request), and have checked out a couple of books on it in the library.

We went to Fort Vancouver, a historical site here, and got to learn about some old Christmas traditions and take part in some craft making.You can't tell, but here we are making wreaths with pine bows and holly. We also made book marks.Belly got to do some dancing.We went to "Bethlehem" for our ward party that night.We have decorated a gingerbread house.
I made "Frosty the Cheeseball" for a party we went to. I thought it turned out so cute!
Belly wore her new Christmas dress to church today. I thought she looked so cute!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thanksgiving in Utah

So, the day we got home from Hawaii, we repacked and drove to Utah for Thanksgiving. Lindsay was going to be there, which meant our whole family!! Also, Rob's parents just bought a house in Utah, so we get to see them when we went down too.

Here are some highlights:
Snuggle time
Visiting Bryan's house.
We found this note on the door that Libby had made for anyone who might try to visit that night. :)
We got to visit Santa at the mall.
What kids asked for:
Robert-Robot Vampire
Isabelle-Polly Pocket Roller Coaster
Austin-trainThe kids got to ride on the Carousel with Wendy's kids. Lindsay and Isabelle got along so well this trip!The family at the Thanksgiving Feast.
The guy between Emily and Austin, got a good taste of Austin's teasing. Austin kept poking him and doing all the things that Isabelle and Robert can't stand (that is why they usually don't like to sit by him.) Luckily, Tim (?), was very good natured about it. :)
We had the parents open our Christmas present for them that night.Later that night we went to Aunt Shanna's and got to visit with the French/Nerdin clan.
Present opening at Grandma Webster's....This dress is one that our friend Maluska, from Czechoslovakia, made for me and my sisters when we were in elementary school. I can't believe it fits Belly so well!
We had a game night at Uncle Ben's new house. It is beautiful, I should have taken more pics! But, here is Belly and Rocky on Rocky's train.My Aunt Diana (my dad's side) recently moved to Utah and called me up to see if we could visit while I was there. Little did I know, but she pulled off a big Larson get together out of it! She invited her son Kevin, My Aunt Colleen and some of her kids, and my Uncle Dennis! There were so many people there I hadn't seen in so long. We loved the time we spent with them!

Richardson cousins..My Uncles.. Dennis Larson, Chuck Dowling, and Doug Richarson.Bryan, Emily and I here, three out of the 4 Larson kids in my family.The grandkids there (my kids and Bryan's kids).I got to see my cousin Kevin for the first time since elementary school. He has gotten a little taller...My Dad's siblings that were there.. Aunt Colleen, Uncle Dennis, and Aunt Diana.
That day was also the BYU vs. UofU football game, so we went to Grandma Nan's to watch it.
We gave Nan and Bob their presents.
Grandma Nan enjoyed her chocolates.We got to see Rachel and Jake. Austin had tons of fun visiting with Jake and telling him all about soccer and trains. I don't know why, but Austin just loves him!
We stayed with Wendy this trip and I feel bad I don't have more pics of her fam! She made pj bottoms for all of my kids. What a sweetheart!