Monday, January 31, 2011

Talia update

Ok, so I just wanted to post on the fun things that Talia is doing now.

She is constantly trying to put things on. The other day I had the laundry basket out and she would put socks around her neck like a scarf or put underwear on her head. I just think it is exciting that she is trying to get dressed like the rest of us!

She is constantly into drawers that Austin, my most curious to that point, hadn't dreamed of getting into. I am always finding things all over the house that she has pulled out of drawers. She is even getting into our dresser drawers which are fairly heavy.

I am so glad we got her this little shopping cart for Christmas, she has just loved it. She loves to put lots of stuff in it and push it around. One of her favorite things to do is put take things out and put things in, whether it be drawers, the shopping cart, or boxes.

I am having a hard time staying put in church because she has this wanderlust going on constantly. She just loves to be busy all the time.

She has been getting a bunch of teeth it seems and has been in so much pain lately. We finally were smart and gave her some pain killer and we saw her fun happy self come out after that.

Austin has joined a church soccer team. He really likes to play, but is having a hard time sharing the ball and having a goalie that will block his kicks.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rob's Birthday!

So, first of all, the love of my life turned 34 this week. All week the kids kept telling Rob how excited they were for his birthday. The kids and I secretly planned his birthday out.

We gave him breakfast in bed. (Robert took this pic).
Then he got to open presents.He got tools.
That night I took him out to dinner while our friends decorated for his surprise party!We had brownies and a bunch of toppings for sundaes. Then he got a guys night playing Mario Cart with a bunch of guy buddies. :)
Today we did his family birthday dinner. He ordered deep dish pizza.
And French Silk Pie for dessert. All but Isabelle and Rob usually complain about pie, but not tonight. Austin said, "Dad, I like your birthday cake!"
In other news, Austin read his first book this week. He has been begging me for the day when he would get to read a Bob book. I love the influence of older siblings! He did great!
Robert was a great older brother and took Talia for me for a little while. He got both of the little ones to fall asleep snuggling him.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Talia walks!

Talia has been walking a few steps here and there for a while, but Saturday we had Talia walk between me and Isabelle and we got her to walk across the whole room, over and over. Everyone was so excited! This is the most she has walked and she is 11 months old! Yea Talia!Robert finished his lego ship he got for Christmas, today.Grandma Webster gave us some fun presents.We have been having lots of fun on 0ur wiggle cars. Even Talia gets excited about it. :)We also did another roller skating trip recently. Austin and Belly wanted to wear their costumes there, so a hamberskater and a roller cat were there. :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Vacation

We had a wonderful Christmas Vacation. We made gingerbread houses with the kids.
Austin helped me make pies. We were lucky enough to have my dad and his fiance' Janice for Christmas Eve and our Christmas vacation. They joined us for a wonderful turkey dinner.Isabelle wanted a drumstickRob read the Christmas story in the scriptures on Christmas Eve.The kids enjoyed being with Grandpa Larson. The kids and girls all got jammies.Robert was so excited about his jammies that he choked me with hugs.Robert made sure we had something set out for Santa Clause. All month he talked about making a present for him like Santa and his elves make in their workshop. So, he made this little reindeer for Santa as well.

Here are the presents before they got touched.The kids loved their presents.
I got my dad and Janice stockings, but couldn't find them at last minute, so they got tube socks for their stockings!I helped Rob find some mistletoe.Everyone had fun on their new wiggle cars Christmas morning.The next day, everyone wore their new clothes to church. The boys all had matching ties. :)

Janice helped out so much!! And the kids loved her :)

Monday we went to JJ Jumps.
Tuesday we went to OMSI. Noel and Janice got us a membership there, yea!

Then did dessert first at Moonstruck Chocolates.Then went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Portland. It was so fun! It had chandeliers everywhere, an old train car, big stain glass windows, beds turned table seating, it was awesome. :)

Wednesday we went rollerskating at Oaks Park.We met up with the Hornbergers there.Isabelle found her friend Layla from school and they had a fun time skating together.Then we took them to VooDoo doughnuts.
We took the tram that goes over Portland up to OHSU.The guy behind Dad and Janice gave us a free pass to the top!

Robert and Isabelle whined and cried the whole time, they were scared. Austin thought the ride was great!

Thursday we got a sitter and took Dad and Janice to our favorite restaurant- Papa Haydens. They have the best desserts!

This is the meal that Rob and I shared.Dad and Janice both got cornish game hen-so yummy!Here are the desserts!

Janice and Austin helped me make chocolates for our New Years Eve party.
We also had some friends over for New Years. The kids played with wiggle cars in the garage.
We had a dance game on the wii in the basement.
We had games and food upstairs.BFFs

New Years Baby!