Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rob's Birthday!

So, first of all, the love of my life turned 34 this week. All week the kids kept telling Rob how excited they were for his birthday. The kids and I secretly planned his birthday out.

We gave him breakfast in bed. (Robert took this pic).
Then he got to open presents.He got tools.
That night I took him out to dinner while our friends decorated for his surprise party!We had brownies and a bunch of toppings for sundaes. Then he got a guys night playing Mario Cart with a bunch of guy buddies. :)
Today we did his family birthday dinner. He ordered deep dish pizza.
And French Silk Pie for dessert. All but Isabelle and Rob usually complain about pie, but not tonight. Austin said, "Dad, I like your birthday cake!"
In other news, Austin read his first book this week. He has been begging me for the day when he would get to read a Bob book. I love the influence of older siblings! He did great!
Robert was a great older brother and took Talia for me for a little while. He got both of the little ones to fall asleep snuggling him.

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Bryan Larson said...

Happy Birthday Rob! It looks like you had a fun day.

Those Bob books are great for new readers! They were perfect for Eli as he read his first books all by himself. We got a whole boxed set of them. I hope it won't be too long before Heather gets to read them.