Monday, January 31, 2011

Talia update

Ok, so I just wanted to post on the fun things that Talia is doing now.

She is constantly trying to put things on. The other day I had the laundry basket out and she would put socks around her neck like a scarf or put underwear on her head. I just think it is exciting that she is trying to get dressed like the rest of us!

She is constantly into drawers that Austin, my most curious to that point, hadn't dreamed of getting into. I am always finding things all over the house that she has pulled out of drawers. She is even getting into our dresser drawers which are fairly heavy.

I am so glad we got her this little shopping cart for Christmas, she has just loved it. She loves to put lots of stuff in it and push it around. One of her favorite things to do is put take things out and put things in, whether it be drawers, the shopping cart, or boxes.

I am having a hard time staying put in church because she has this wanderlust going on constantly. She just loves to be busy all the time.

She has been getting a bunch of teeth it seems and has been in so much pain lately. We finally were smart and gave her some pain killer and we saw her fun happy self come out after that.

Austin has joined a church soccer team. He really likes to play, but is having a hard time sharing the ball and having a goalie that will block his kicks.

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