Monday, February 7, 2011

Talia turns 1, Robert earns his Wolf

I can't believe we have had our little Talia for 1 year. It has flown by so fast! Her birthday was February 3. We had a small family party for her on her birthday. I wasn't going to do much, since she won't really remember, but Robert said that we HAD to put up decorations, and Isabelle said that we HAD to get her a card! So, we did.We have too many cakes in February, so I just got Talia a cupcake all her own for her birthday.She learned how to blow that day, but she still needed help. She was a little afraid of the flame, for good reason I guess!She sure did enjoy her cupcake!We got her some clothes and a book with animal pictures. She can't get enough of these books now (Thanks to Heather Trevisanut!)
We had to hurry things along, because that same night Robert was receiving his wolf!We are so proud of all the work he has done! He also got to do this fun cookie activity.
Austin has been part of a church soccer team and he had his first game on Friday.Talia always wants to get in on the action at the games!We tried to go to OMSI on Saturday, but as you can see, Austin wasn't feeling great. So it didn't last long.
Talia, Robert, and Isabelle still had fun.They had this great Egyptian exhibit there with a real mummy! It was so great because we have been studying Ancient Egypt for history this year.

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Gina said...

Fun! THat was a beautiful cupcake too. We hope you guys are doing well. It looks like you are busy and keeping up with life. That deserves an award! Keep smiling and keep busy, so this rainy winter doesn't get to you. love, gina