Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kid date, cake auction and friends

Austin has been working hard lately and earned his own kid date with Dad. Rob took him to Kid's Club and they had a bunch of fun together.We got a fun package from Grandma W. this week with lots of b-day presents. I was so excited that I could actually fit a hair bow in Talia's hair, although it only stayed there for about 10 seconds.
Here she is strutting down the catwalk in her adorable new dress, she wore it to church today too.Robert was lucky enough to have his good friend Ammon come and play.Talia gets into everything. She also tries to try on anything cloth related. She did actually try to put on this crown. We had to help her out for the picture.Rob was the actioneer at the ward cake and service auction again this year. He always does such a good job! I think we made more money this year than any other year!
This is the cake Robert and I made. The colorful things on the sides are suppose to be the wings. I was going to wait until right before we sold it to put them on, then they got stuck to the aluminum foil. Bummer! I think they would have looked really cool.
I let the kids purchase balloon animals as part of the auction.Snow.Robert loves the snow more than anyone I know. He was so happy with Punxetawny Phil today.
Austy soccer.
Fun playdate.

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In a nut shell... said...

Your cake was so cute! You've got some mad baking skills ;)