Sunday, February 20, 2011

Austin turns 4, Robert turns 9, 11th anniversary!

For Austin's birthday this year we went to JJ Jumps.Robert and Isabelle were really cute about helping Talia down the smallest slide.Austin's friend Ally wanted him to open his present right away!We came home and had pizza and opened presents.
He wanted a pillow pet, and had been begging for a skateboard since Christmas. So, we got him this mini one. He was so happy!Austy and Allie.I asked him what his favorite part of the day was and he said decorating his cake. He made this fun train cake.He had Mater be the driver.Austin really wanted the Hutchies there for his birthday.
He got to take cookies to his preschool for his birthday and came back with this fun crown!Isabelle celebrated 100 days of school. She made this fun crown and 100 Cheerio necklace.For Robert's 9th bday, we invited a bunch of boys for an easy going party.
They had balloon wars, played wiggle cars, then we hid his presents all over the house and Robert had to find them.Robert designed his cake this year. He wanted Indiana Jones on it. So, we went to the store and picked out some candies and he put them on the cake how he wanted to. He had most of the guys drowning in quick sand. Some were getting attacked by snakes. Indiana Jones was shooting the huge boulder.He was so proud of it. :)The friends that came were Clark, Cameron, Hudson, Conner, and Brittan.

For our anniversary we went to the temple.Then out to Papa Hayden's for dinner and dessert. We have been so happy together these 11 years. We are looking forward to 100 more.

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