Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentines 2011

I did some fun things for Rob this month before Valentines. I put this in his office one day.Talia really hasn't slept in her bed for a few months, so I decided to take down her crib and give Isabelle some more room. This was her first night on the floor instead. Isabelle was SO excited to have her first sleepover with Talia.Austin had his Valentine party this week. He had such a hard time giving all of his suckers away for Valentines. He really cried! So I am glad he was able to get back such fun Valentines at his party.I gave the kids heart bubbles for l0ve month.During Austin's soccer games he has had a hard time when kids kick the ball away from him or when the goalie would kick the ball out of the goal. This last game he was so proud when he didn't cry the whole time!We did our annual "kid dates" the Friday before Valentines. I was able to get tickets for Rob and Isabelle to go to a Daddy Daughter ball.We all went to McDonald's together for dinner (the kids chose). Then while Isabelle went to the dance, I took the boys to Big Al's to go bowling.Rob and I went to an adult, Valentine's stake dance for our Valentine's date. We had so much fun!The kids were so excited for Valentine's day! It didn't take them long to wake up that day!
I made pink, heart shaped pancakes.
I ordered balloons for the kids and my friend in the ward brought them by before Isabelle left for school.I thought that the kids were so sweet about making each other Valentines. They really were thoughtful to each other and to us.This is Isabelle right after her school party.We had a red dinner of beets, salad with red dressing, and spaghetti.This is what Rob got me for Valentines. He also rented the movie "Temple Grandin, Thinking in Pictures" that we watched that night. Excellent movie!All of the kids made us Valentines this year. Isabelle made us at least 4!
Robert brought a ton of valentines in his satchel to JCP. It also snowed that day!

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