Monday, March 4, 2013

Princess Party

 My friend Sarah put on an amazing princess party for her daughter.  Here are just a couple of pics from it.

Robert-Webelo and Arrow of light

We are so proud of Robert for getting his Webelo and Arrow of Light.  He didn't act like it was a big deal that night, but he was telling people about what a big deal it is afterwards, so I know he is proud.  It was cool to see him cross the bridge to "manhood".  He really is growing up!


 Getting his Webelo

 Getting his Arrow of Light
 After this they had him cross a bridge over to his now Boy Scout leader.  Robert kept going back and forth across the bridge to be funny.

 Austin and friend Manti playing.


Robert's 11th birthday

 I must be crazy to do 3 birthday parties in 3 weeks, plus Valentines and anniversary.  But, here is my 3rd and last birthday of February.  Robert turned 11 this year and he is getting so big.  I can't believe how much taller, and mature he has grown in the last year.  He is spiritual, he is a ravenous reader, and he is a kind friend and brother.  I am very proud to have this young preteen (as he always likes to remind me) in my life.  Here are some excerpts from the day of his birthday and from his party.

 Robert's 11th birthday (on the day), opening presents. 
 For his birthday dinner he chose fettucini alfredo-his favorite.  I chose the veggies.
 Isabelle was really thoughtful.  She bought Robert this lion Webkins because she knew he wanted it.

 He got french silk pie on his birthday, he later admitted to trying to make dad happy with this one.
 He designed his cake with the legos that both grandma's gave him for his birthday, combining Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.  All of the kids love it!  We tried to make it look like Tatooine.

 We played balloon stomp,

 Cut the flour game... (you have to cut the flour until the candy on top falls.  If it falls on your turn, you have to get it out with your mouth.)  Let me tell you, these kids were good sports.

 Balloon volleyball
 Chubby Bunny- my kids only made it to two marshmallows before they threw up! 
 The winner, Branson, got five in his mouth.
 Musical chairs

 Birthday cake time

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Homeschool field trips and kid fun

The last two weeks I have been able to do some fun field trips with the kids.  We saw a shortened performance of Swan Lake and we  got to see a kids symphony concert.  It was really fun.  I was really glad that Rob was able to come to the symphony with us.

 I thought the building was so beautiful!  The concert was interactive.  They had kids get up and march to some "marching songs".  They had some people perform a clapping song, and they explained beat and meter.  I thought they did a great job.
 I baby sat this baby the other day and the kids were so cute with her.  They loved sharing their toys,

 and fought over who got to feed her.  I couldn't believe how much they love babies!

My good friend Andrea moved back to Alabama.  This was her going away party.  I am so sad to see her go.

 This is her cute daughter Savannah. Talia loves playing with her.

 This is Robert being silly the other night.  He made a sock necklace.

Austin time

 I got to go with Austin on his school field trip to the children's museum.  Here are some pics.

 We also had a special night the other night.  He loves tigers.  They are one of his favorite animals.  I finally got around to making these masks with him.  He was so happy. :)