Sunday, April 8, 2012

Isabelle's 7th birthday-a fashion party

Isabelle is the only girl I know whose favorite meal is salmon, baked potatoes, and steamed veggies. So, that is what we had for her birthday meal.

For her presents, I tried my hand at two things I found on pinterest. I made some Barbie clothes.
I also made a nightgown for her out of a pillowcase. She has been begging me for a pretty nightgown, and for me to repair her barbie clothes.
She told me that she wanted a "fashion" birthday party, so I did the best I could. We bought some service at our church auction for some teens to do hair and make up.We had dress ups for the girls to use to dress up in. Then we put on some music and they could go down the catwalk.

She choose French Silk pie for her dessert.

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RBeckstead said...

Isa's birthday was super cute! I loved the runway!!!! I'm glad you have taught her what pie is the best in the world - although I can't say much for her choice of meat at dinner!