Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rob's birthday and Vegas

So, I need to catch up a little. Rob had his birthday on the 21st of January. Over Christmas he had folded up an add with a monitor on it that he wanted, so I was sly and stuck it in my pocket. He even asked for it later and I played dumb. When we got back to WA I got him the monitor. When he opened it (first thing in the morning on his b-day) he was so excited! He said, "Wow, I really feel loved, you have done a great job with my birthday." Mission accomplished! What more could I ask for than a happy hubby?!I actually also made him a heart shaped plankitchen for breakfast.Robert picked out silly string to give to him.The Hutchies stopped by later and gave Rob....I know, the tension is mounting, BYU stuff! How do they know us so well!
Also, sometimes when we are going to bed we do this "bedtime express". We actually had all three kids on at first, but Isabelle got too scared.Then, starting monday the next week, Rob and I went off to Vegas! Nan was nice enough to watch the kids while we were gone.:) This was to celebrate our 9th anniversary. The time has gone by so fast! It was so nice just to have 3 full days just to ourselves, no interruptions! It really helped us to feel so much closer together and so much more in love:)

The first day we walked the strip from like 7 am until midnight. Ouch, were we tired after that day!
Here are some pics we took. I think some of the coolest stuff we saw was in the Venician. Like this living garden. The people moved and had water coming out of their hands and heads.We also ran into this Ent girl there.We also got gelatos by the canal.
We also went to a show of Wayne Brady (from "Whose line is it anyways")He was very energetic, did fun improv and has a great voice. It was very fun, but a little pricey for us. After that first day, I was sick of how expensive things are in Las Vegas now, we couldn't even find a drinking fountain in the Casinos!

The second day we had a time share presentation in the morning. It was only an hour and we got free breakfast and practically free hotel stay. Here is our room.We stayed at a Hilton on the strip, but not a Casino (nice!). The only bad thing was that it was between Circus Circus and the Stratusphere and so we had to do A LOT of walking. But, we were up for it:).

After that, I was up for more free stuff, so we went to ANOTHER time share presentation. It took sooooooo long! But, we got free rides up to the top of the Stratusphere, a buffet dinner, and a show with a bunch of impersonators that ranged from Elvis, to Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera. It was alright, but they had showgirls!! Yuck! Michael Jackson's dancing was awesome:) This is us at the show.
And we got a pic with Elvis:)

That night we also went on a couple rides on the Stratusphere. Rob has been wanting to go on these rides since we went through Vegas on our Honeymoon, but we hadn't been able to for wind or some other reason. So, we had to go this time. We went on the big shot...We also went on a ride up there that took you off the edge called the X-scream. Isn't Rob crazy?! Aren't I a nice wife for going with him?! I was super scared! Way worse than the Big shot.The last day we mainly shopped for Chinkypins (souveniers for the kids in French speak).
It was a much needed medicine for our relationship, yeah for fun!

When we got back the kids were so happy and excited:) Rob got back two days after me. He stayed down there to do some business. When he got back all the kids wanted to have their picture taken with him.Can you tell Belly has been eating?Even me!
Oh, also, Belly had a fun field trip to the library with her preschool class.This is her best effort at head, shoulders, knees and toes. Notice, where most people's hands are... Austin had some fun there too.

She also started up a dance class this week. She is so excited! She even has some friends from the ward in her class.Sorry for the length. What can I say, I love pictures! See you next week!


Wendy said...

OH you are GOOD!!! You sneaky little devil. How fun for you and Rob to go to Vegas to celebrate 9 years !! We've only done overnighters away from our kids, but I think a few nights away would be GREAT. Some day.

Rob French said...

You say you were scared, but next time we are going bungee jumping and sky diving!

You do a great job with the blog!

Amy said...

Where do you go from that point on the roller coaster?? It looks terrifying!

Gina said...

I think that is swell, you are our example to do a trip together one day. And I couldn't tell that you've been eating, you look great!

Words of Webster said...

Dear Daughter of mine. You guys are so cute together. I love the fun things you do. Maybe next time I should come and spoil those adorable kids while you are gone. . . just think of the treats . . . the fun . . . how you would hate me when you got home!
So doggone many photos, how could I sufficiently comment!! CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! I love you!!!

Tricia said...

Amy, the roller coaster just goes over the edge and stops, reverses and then goes over again. That happens about 3 times. I really don't know why people enjoy rides like that. I sure didn't!

Gina, leave the kids with us sometime so you can have some couple time too! Maybe in the summer when you don't have to worry about schedules so much.

Wendy, I wish I could help you out. Maybe if you come up here sometime...

Rob, forget about it! Find someone who wants to go and I will cheer you guys on!!

Mom, I would love it if you came up here and spoiled my kids. I think they would love it too. You could come up for girls camp.....