Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Boy week

So, this was a very busy week for me. Monday was Austin's 2nd b-day. Debbie has inspired me, so I will give him a tribute.
Austin is the happiest little kid I know. He is full of love and will hug and go to almost anyone. He is full of energy and enthusiasm. He is interested in everything and I am amazed everyday at what he knows and notices. (He will point to animals and tell me their names and I will think "Did I teach him that?") This week he pulled out all this stuff out of the dishwasher and put it where he thought it should go. He also set the table all by himself this week. I call him "My Sunshine" because he always brightens my day.As you can see, we got Austin an aquadoodle. This way, when he writes on the walls, they just get wet!! YEAH. All the kids have been loving this:)

So, since everyone had the day off Monday for President's Day, we all went to Big Al's and played some of their arcade games. Isabelle and Robert had tons of fun with the air hockey.
Can you tell by the look on Robert's face that he totally wasted Isabelle? Well, he did.
Bella and I did some fun "Dance, Dance revolution."The boys did this fun Rollercoaster game.
That night we had some opened a couple presents and had some cake. Robert and Austy got cool presents from the Hutchies! Robert was so excited to get this cool lego boat.On Wednesday was Robert's 7th birthday. He was so excited he came in and woke us up that morning. We gave him a present before school- this cool Batman backpack! No more of mom's old college backpack for him!So, here is my tribute to Robert. I am so proud of Robert for so many reasons. He is a very sensitive boy. He is close to the spirit and really listens and responds when we read scriptures to him. He puts his hand on his heart when he is feeling the spirit and is willing to stand up for his beliefs when they are challenged at school. He has worked so hard in school and in his therapy. At the beginning of the school year he struggle with small and large motor abilities and now is doing excellent at both! He wears me out when we do exercises together now! He is moving up in his reading levels so quickly now too. He can be so sweet to Bella and Austin and is so good at showing love. We are so lucky to have him in our family.

We went to "Thomas Live" that night. It was a little loud, but I think all the kids enjoyed it. (It was Austy's big present).I had one day's break, then it was Robert's friend birthday party on Friday. We went with a pirate theme this year. I made him a treasure chest cake. (He begged us for one at the boy scout fundraiser, but I told him I would make him one instead).We got Robert this fun pirate costume for his birthday.Austin got to be Captain Hook.These are all the kids that came.I made a map and the kids got to go find treasure at all of the locations on the map. The kids were so excited and it was so fun! One of the treasures was a pirate craft we got to make. I think everyone had a lot of fun!

On Saturday we went down to Mima and Papa's because they had a fun "project" present for Robert's birthday. Papa gave Robert a hammer and he got to try out hitting nails and work on his own treasure box that Mima and Papa made!Then both Isabelle and Robert painted it. What a fun birthday!

Oh, also, Thursday was my 9th anniversary with Rob. We celebrated it in January, so we didn't do much on the day. But, Rob did make a cd with our wedding video on it and I made a nice candlelight dinner.

I am so grateful that I married Rob. I feel like we are so good for each other. Where I am weak, he is strong, and vice versa. He builds me up. He helps me grow, helps me to be a better person. Thank you for 9 wonderful years together, they have gone by so fast!


Nancy said...

Wowee! What a wonderful, happy week!! How I would have loved to be there. At least I have happy pictures to enjoy! (Thanks!) The chlidren all look so happy!! (and, of course, adorable) Where did you get the Hook outfit for Austy? He looks doggone cute! Thanks for being so faithful with pictures!

Congratulations on 9 wonderful, happy years! I love you!

Rob French said...

What can I say? Tricia is absolutely the best!

Thanks for the best 9 years of my life!

Tricia said...

We got the both Austin and Robert's costumes at the Disney outlet store in Las Vegas for only $10 each!

Kayleen the Violinist said...

Great job Trish! You are so creative, and hard working as a mom! I'm inspired. :)

Swangerlings said...

I LOVE the Captain Hook costume. Everything looks so fun and now that it's over you can sigh with relief that you have a whole year until it all comes again. ha,ha,ha

Kendra said...

Man looks like so much fun. :) Wish we lived closer and could hang out with you all! I love the costumes - the boys look really "smashing" in their regalia. Love it. Amazing they're growing so fast!! Love you guys. Take care.