Sunday, January 27, 2013


This month for astronomy we have been studying the moon and Mars.  For history we studied the ottoman empire and the English discovery of Australia.

So, we made a homemade telescope.

 We were supposed to make a moon journal and record what the moon looked like each night, but unfortunately here in the NW, it was too cloudy!  So, thanks to Pinterest, we made these  instead.


Mars has many volcanoes on it.  So, we made our own volcano from salt dough, baking soda and vinegar.  

For a fun activity earlier this month we visited some chinese gardens in Portland.  They were awesome, even though the day was freezing cold!

For the Ottoman Empire I tried to make Turkish Delight, but that was a fail.  We did read a book called "The Hungry Coat" and that was awesome.

I learned that Jan 26 is Australia Day, so this week we studied the English discovery and colonization of Australia.  So, I made a traditional Australian dessert-Pavlova. I had never had it before, but we all loved it!  It has a meringue base, whipped cream and fruit.

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