Monday, January 7, 2013

New Years and Masquerade party

 For New Years Eve we had a little get together with the Trevisanuts, Andrea and Savannah.  All the kids love Parker.  They were hanging on him all night!
 Savanna and Talia were whispering to each other the minute she walked in.  They are such good buddies!
 Robert and Cameron.
 We played some fun card games.
 The next day I had yet another party!  This time it was the Masquerade party for school.  Here are our kids with the Swanger kids.
 Me, Isabelle and Sarah.

 Isabelle put on a puppet show for everyone with the sock puppets she had just made that day.  (Thanks Mema!)
 Austin did a magic show for everyone.  I can't find the picture!

 Didn't Eve's face turn out great with all the sparkles?
 Robin- one of Austin's fav superheros.
 Robert and Jackson, doing what they love most.
 Doesn't my husband look so regal?!
 Yes, we still do dance poses.
 Sarah and Naomi.
 Isabelle made a little movie theater with tickets and treats.  It was so cute!

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