Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rob's Birthday 2013

I am so grateful to have married Rob.  He has blessed my life by helping me to be a better person.  He always focuses on being happy.  He helps me to believe in myself.   He is constantly engaging with the kids, wrestling them, teasing them.  He has a drive to take care of our family that I admire.   He does so much that he sets his mind on to do.  He has great integrity, and is very thoughtful.  We are grateful to have him in our lives.

For Rob's birthday, we woke him up with breakfast in bed and gifts.  Isabelle made him a little wallet out of felt that she had completely done herself.  She found the fabric, designed it, and sewed it all on her own.  She is so sweet!  Austin and Robert made him cards.
 For dinner he requested the ribs his dad would made at home, sweet pecan roll, and french silk pie.  I filled in the rest.  It turned out yummy. :)

 We invited the Trevisanuts to join us for pie. 



 Heather made that awesome Peanut Butter pie on the left.

 Rob and Vic have been passing a candle from the dollar store back and forth to be funny.  When the last broke, Vic had to get Rob another for his birthday.

The kids all love to tease Parker.

Cameron wanted Talia to try on his glasses.  She wasn't too sure about that.

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