Sunday, May 3, 2009

Therapy graduation, teddy bear picnic, parent dates

So, on Monday Robert had his last day of therapy. He has come so far. When we first started, Robert had a really hard time writing or coloring. He would use his whole body to write instead of just his wrist. His fine motor and his large motor skills were very undeveloped. He would get tired very easily would never want to run, ride bikes, anything physical.
Now that he is graduating, he can write well without getting tired, he loves to color, he loves to run. He tells us over and over, "I am the fastest runner in the whole world!" We are so grateful. Thanks Elizabeth!(His therapist)He was so cute too. Elizabeth told him it was going to be a party, so he wanted balloons and the whole gammet. I gave him a superman balloon and we had twix's all around. He also got a certificate and the whole family watched his last day of therapy. It was so fun!

Bella had a Teddy Bear picnic at preschool this week. She brought a soft Belle doll for her bear. Even Daddy got to go!Rob brought home a slip and slide for the kids from a business trip. They have been chomping at the bit to get on it, so we finally let them this week. They had a hard time figuring out how to slide down, but had a fun time nonetheless.We have been doing some yardwork. Here Rob ended up transplanting 15 strawberry plants (we only bought two last year!)
On Saturday I had a Mother Daughter day with Isabelle and Rob hung out with the boys.
Isabelle and I attended a Mother Daughter tea party. We had lunch, danced, painted nails and did make up and played some games. Isabelle was in heaven.
Isabelle was really sad earlier this week when Robert got a balloon, so I promised her she would get one today, so she got this princess balloon. I had also promised her a special cupcake she wanted.
We also went on the carousel at the mall. By the end, we were all tired!
The boys went to see "Monsters vs. Aliens" and Robert got a bakugon (?). It was a hit.


The Boulter Family said...

You do the cutest things with your children! Oh fun a Mother Daughter Mom did that when I was a girl and I loved it!
Monsters vs. Aliens was fun; especially in 3-D!

Breezy Mountain said...
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Breeze said...

So catch me up already, why did your Son need to have Therapy, and for how long has he been doing it?

All that aside, you have such a cute family. And congrats to him for graduating, and all that hard work.

You have such a cute family.

Light & Shadow said...

I remember my dates with Caitlin at that age! Every Father/Son Campout, we would to go to the Disney store to get her a new princess outfit, out to eat at Olive Garden (she loved the chicken fingers) and then to a movie. She is seventeen now, and we still love going out together!

Kerry said...

We had Elizabeth as a therapist for one of our foster daughters. You are right, she is totally amazing. I just loved going there and 'playing' with my little Kay.

Gina said...

A mother child date sounds fun. I really need to follow your example. You guys have such an eventful life!

Amy said...

Tricia, you look so grown up and fabulous. I mean, you've always been pretty, but it's just weird not seeing you for 20 years and then seeing you being a gorgeous mom. I hope this is coming out right--You look great, and your family is sooo cute!