Sunday, May 31, 2009

Temple, Rachel, etc.

So, last monday my friend invited us to do FHE at the temple with them. After I accepted, I realized that I had never taken my kids to the temple grounds (just pointed to it from the freeway). I asked the kids if they wanted to go and they were SO excited!
Isabelle asked me "Am I going to get married?"
I responded, "No Isabelle, you have to fall in love, and get a ring..."
Very emphatically, "MOM! I already have lots of rings!"I thought Austy looked cute nakey.

Rachel came up and we got to meet her new man Jake.
He even paid Rob for Rachel.
We went to Nona Emilia's.
Bob made us malts at the beach with his drill.

Rob and I went to the "Defending the American Dream" conference put on by Americans for Prosperity. We got to hear Joe the Plumber- so inspiring!
Robert had a carnival at school. Rob took advantage of the velcro.Sorry I didn't talk more, I am not feeling good today!


Breeze said...

Love that Nakey picture!!

Words of Webster said...

You need to tell Isabelle that she can't get married until GRANDMA finds the right man for her . . . AND . . . she has to get married in UTAH . . . and stay there!!

Kayleen the Violinist said...

So sad that you have to wear coats to go to the beach... LOL - we went to SW Washington last summer to visit Robert's parents and it was so cold at the beach - in the middle of July! I'm used to So Cal beaches, so this was a shocker for me.

Tricia said...

Kayleen, I know!!! When we first moved here I would always wear shorts and short sleeved shirts to the beach and freeze! Beaches here are just to look at!

Gina said...

A drilled malt? Yum!
I hope you are fealing better. I still have austin's pants. I like to return clothes to people, after the season is over and they don't need them anymore :)