Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Talia, Girl day, Valentines

So, I felt really bad last week when I couldn't find any pictures of Rob with Talia, luckily, my mom took some pics and I took some more!

My silly kids. Austin just LOVES hats right now. He is almost always wear
ing something silly on his head. Belly is just always the princess.

We got to see the Russons before Mom went back to Utah.These are Jenny's girls with Bella.My mom did a great job getting Bella cute every day.
We had a girl day before my mom left and we all got our nails done. It was the first time I have ever gotten my nails done and I am 32! I think it was about time. Isabelle was having the time of her life. :)We went to church as a family of 6 for the first time today. Here is also our first whole family pic with Talia!

Our ValentinesPink pancakesA red dinner--red jello, spaghetti, salad with red dressing, and red soda.
I love holidays. Isabelle said that this was the best Valentine's ever. We topped the night off by watching "Hello Dolly". The kids loved it! :)


Nancy said...

That new dress is to die for!! How cute!! Looks like a fun Valentines day. What the heck are you doing wearing regular clothes already? Are you really fruit of MY loins? Love you!

Kayleen the Violinist said...

Cute and fun - and yes, I love the dress in the first pic! Polka dots, FTW! (For the win...) :)

Kerry said...

those are some girly girls right there. If I ever get blessed with girls, I hope mine are the exact same way.