Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kid update, etc

So, first off I have to tell you about Austin's new habit. Whenever he gets mad or doesn't want to do something he will end his sentences in "Huh, psh!" I.E. "I don't want to go potty anymore! Huh, psh!" It totally makes me laugh!! Now, whenever he says it we just copy him and he totally laughs! How could we not love this kid?

I have been working with Isabelle lately on "Bob books" and have been so impressed with her! I have realized that reading is actually a much better way for her to learn her letters, sounds, and learn to read all at the same time, than flash cards, songs, or anything else. She has to repeat the same letters and sounds over and over and over until she gets it every time.

She also said something funny to me the other day, she said, "Mom, I am going to miss you." I said, "Why?"
"When I get married."I guess she has really had that on her mind lately. So funny.

Also, today in Primary she got to talk about our family. She called me "Tricia" and her daddy, "Rob". She also said the thing she likes the best that I make is "Ramen". Everyone laughed. They can really tell what a gourmet cook I am with that line! She also announced to everyone that we are having another baby! What fun. :)
Also, this week Isabelle asked why I never let her wear that red dress. "What red dress?" I asked. It turns out I put some of my old clothes in her closet. and she wanted to wear a dress my mom made for me when I was her age. I thought she looked way cute in the dress, even if it says "Tricia" on it. Good job mom!

I also like taking Bella shopping with me. I took her to the local knuckleheads sale. I let her pick out what she wanted and to my surprize she picked this navy dress rather than the hot pink stuff they had there. She felt like the prettiest girl at church today. Thanks Melissa!
Robert and I have been working on his math and reading lately. He has improved so much!! He has never liked math much and after giving him some suggestions and some practice he told me this week "I love addition and subtraption!" (Not a typo, that is how he pronounces it!)
To me, the fact that he is enjoying math and has some confidence is the best thing in the world for both of us!

Now just to get him ok with riding his bike.....
Also, he would not pose for a pic for me this week.

In other things, and late news...
We got a wrap around couch last week. We got it off Craig's list, so it was cheap and not new, but we have lots of space now! Everyone come over for games and movies! We can fit you in our house:) (Isabelle is in front of the new couch in her pics)

About a month ago our hydrangea's were looking really pretty! And Rob had to cut some off so our air conditioner could work right, so I got some beautiful flowers for my kitchen. :)
I made my first lattice top pie.
I was pulling out some old stuff before Wendy came and Isabelle was awestruck by and old costume our friend Maluska, from Czechoslovakia, made me when I was 12. So, she had to try it on. Afterwards she said, "I love collars!"


Amy said...

I remember when you and I dressed as Czechoslovakians in the stake road show, and got to wear colorful ribbons on headbands in our hair. Your daughter looks so much like you. I love the hydrangeas too--gorgeous!

The Boulter Family said...

Cute stories about Isabelle! Beautiful dresses, she is a doll.
Perfect lattice pie and gorgeous hydrangeas!