Sunday, November 23, 2008

Painting, Pilgrims, and Pulling teeth

So, this week we started to paint our bedroom (my birthday request). When we moved in, it was painted three colors- lilac, light blue, and a cream color. It clashed just a little with our dark brown bedspread and red pillows. Here are some before pics....

I never could understand why they chose to paint the room three colors, until we started to paint it. Some parts of the room have tons of light, and others have tons of shadow. I had a terrible time picking out a paint color because the colors looked completely different depending on where in the room we painted. But, hopefully we will stick to what we have chosen (and painted) so far.
We tried out like 8 different colors before we decided on one and painted them in different parts of the room to see how they looked.

We are not completely done yet. But this is how it looks so far. We will need to take down the blinds, and we will paint the bathroom too.
Some other fun things that happened, Isabelle had a Thanksgiving Feast at her preschool. Each of the parents brought part of the meal and all the kids had little pilgrim hats. They looked so cute!They also made placemats with hand turkeys. So fun!

The night before Robert came home and was all excited telling us that they were going to have a traditional thanksgiving dinner for lunch the next day with turkey, pumpkin pie etc and that the family could come to eat lunch with him. So, the next morning I asked if he wanted hot or cold lunch, reminding him of the turkey, and he said "I want cold lunch! I don't like turkey." Silly kid. Oh well, Rob went and ate lunch with him at school that day and took some fun pictures of him at recess. In the pic he has his arm around his friend James. He got to go to James' birthday party on Friday.
Robert has had a loose tooth for about two weeks. He was so nervous about it hurting that he never really played with it too much. It ended up sticking out really far like a buck tooth until Saturday when it finally came out. He was so excited! I believe it is the third tooth he has lost.
We also had a fun weekend with Mima and Papa. We watched the football game with them on Sat and went to church with them on Sunday.

Before I close I wanted to mention a couple funny things the kids said this week.

Robert : "Mom, did you know that the Goosebumps book is cursed? It is totally cursive."

Me talking to Isabelle while she is drawing.
Me "Hey, Isabelle, are you drawing a person?"
Isa "No, I'm drawing a Mom."


Rob French said...

As you can see, we cleaned up the room for the painting pictures...It usually is much cleaner. I promise.

Swangerlings said...

Sounds like you have a full week. Are you sure you're not going to miss the lavender wall?