Sunday, November 16, 2008

Signs of the times and the writing on the wall

Here are some pics of the fam we took today.

Ok, so first I will talk about the writing on the wall. After church today, I decided to spend an hour to write in my journal. Rob took the kids and went downstairs to work on pictures. While this was happening, Austin snuck away, found a dry erase marker in the kitchen, then went upstairs to start the devastation. He colored in the hallway, in his room, on our bedroom door, all over the playroom walls, the carpet, the entertainment center, the bookshelf, clothes, and toys. Rob was livid, I was laughing, and Austin was as happy as could be. We did make Austin, and everyone else in the family help to clean up. And, with the help of baby wipes and the magic eraser, we were able to clean most of it up.

I also wanted to mention how Isabelle was so innovative in her accessorizing this week. She came out of the bathroom and said, "Mom, isn't my necklace pretty?" Yes, she accessorized with bath toys.

As for the signs of the times...well this part gets personal. I have been really nervous about the state of our country and the state of the LDS people, with the protests at so many LDS temples on the proposition 8 issue. I have been worried about what will happen with all of the issues brought up from our current election. Listening to the radio, reading info on the internet, or watching t.v. has just had me worried about what will happen in the next few years. I have seen how our Constitution is currently "hanging by a thread". It feels like reading the ensign is my only place for solice. It gives me hope and peace. Lately all that has been going on has made me "Wonder when he comes again".
We went to Stake Conference this weekend. At the adult session on Saturday, the 70 that came, Elder Wood, said that the last sign before Christ's coming was that the gospel would be preached throughout all the world, and that has basically been fulfilled. I talked to Sister Russon on Friday, and she said that she and Bro Russon have been studying the signs of the times and that the last thing that needs to happen is a temple being built in Jerusalem, but the Jerusalem center can be used as a temple if needed... Today, our stake president read a quote about the economy being in turmoil, people being out of work, banks closing and breaking, and it was a quote by Joseph Smith. President Barrus said that what will get us out of that today, will be when Christ comes again.
The emphasis seemed to me that although things will challenge our faith in the next while, we need to work on our character and that we don't need to fear. These things that are happening will eventually bring about good. I love our General Authorities. I love that we can receive hope and inspiration from them, especially in troubling times such as these.


Jen said...

Cute family pictures! I'm glad to hear that other kids color on the walls... and everywhere else too! Thank you for sharing your insights on the current times. You are wonderful people and I appreciate your example!

bsl20b50 said...

Looks like Austin is following his momma's example :D

Words of Webster said...

Ohhh, Tricia, your past has surely caught up with you!!! You had better be laughing (it beats screaming hands down!!) Love Isabelle's gift for embellishment, she IS her mother's daughter! How did you ever get Robert to smile in that unique way? Uh, is he is father's son? So cute, so fun! Love the wreath! Where did you score such a find??!!!

Gina said...

I was so touched by the words you said. Lately I have been feeling so not perfect in most every way. I need to get my motor in gear and start working on my character.

Swangerlings said...

Hey I just found your blog, I've been so bad about blogging lately. I see you guys are all ready for Thanksgiving, I know I am; bring on the turkey! Is the last Monday of the month ok? I'll give you a call.

The Boulter Family said...

Wow beautiful family pictures! All gussied up in your Sunday clothes.
Man oh man that must have been quite the surprise to find all that lovely art work!
Thank goodness for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers; they are a life saver! Charlie took a big black crayon to his room one time. I would not have been able to remove it off all the white cabinets, if it had not been for the eraser! Who ever invented that cleaning product must have been a genius or a mom!