Sunday, November 9, 2008

My 31st b-day and such

Earlier this month I just couldn't remember what it was I was forgetting from my Thanksgiving decorations until Bella brought home a turkey she had made at school. So, I was so excited to pull my turkeys out, so were the kids.
Lately Austin has been so funny.

He has started to say "oweee!" to anything that he dislikes. The other day we were outside and the wind blew his hair, "owee!" If Robert takes a toy from him "oweee!" If he doesn't want me to change his clothes, "owee!" Oh, and he really doesn't want me doing that. He hates it when I change him into or out of any clothes.

Belly has started to be really serious about her coloring. She will take a long time to color in her coloring book and make sure that every space is colored and will use lots of different colors to fill in an area.

Robert had his last soccer game this weekend. He has liked soccer more than T-ball, but I never got the feeling that he was really into the game. But, his coach said that he was the happiest kid on the team. Austin and Belly were so cute. I noticed them holding hands during the game, so had to get a picture.
So, I was a little bit worried that my birthday would be pretty lame this weekend since we had a bunch to do on my b-day. It was Robert's last soccer game, we had a practice for the primary program, it was a BYU football day and Robert had his soccer team party that night. But, as always, Rob came through and made it a great day and a great weekend.

He stopped and bought me breakfast before we ran off for the soccer game. Then, while I was at the primary practice with Robert he decorated the house, and cleaned. He blew off the football game for me (he didn't want to miss one game this season), and we went to Home Depot to pick out paint colors. (I told him that for my birthday I wanted to paint our bedroom). We also went to the mall and I got a couple shirts.

We went to Robert's soccer party. One of the moms there was so awesome and had put together a highlight video of all the kids games for everyone and made a memory booklet for each kid. What an awesome mom!

When we came home, Rob had presents and a birthday cake for me and the Hutchies had left a sweet present on my doorstep. I couldn't believe how much 31 candles filled up my cake! Oh, I have to say how sweet Robert was to me on my birthday as well. He was wanting to share his snacks with me and be helpful and give me lots of hugs and kisses. He is such a sweet boy.

Also, today Robert had his primary program at church. He said, "My favorite story from the Book of Mormon is when Nephi built a boat. It teaches me obedience." It was fun to hear all of the kids sing and I am so glad I am not the chorister anymore.

After church Bob and Nan came over and made me a nice dinner and brought presents too. The kids were so excited. I think it was the fastest I have ever seen Austin get out of his car seat.

Isn't it unfortunate that it took 3 of them to light the candles on my cake!!!


Words of Webster said...

Woo hoo! I am first!! I know that stuffed turkey!! So glad you have it. I was so sad to not catch you on your birthday. I knew Rob would make it special, he always does.
I thought about you non stop this weekend, my darling daughter. Oh, I saw Aunt Colleen. She wants to be added to your email list. I love you! Have a wonderful week! Mom

thegalaw1 said...

Happy late birthday Tricia. I am sorry I didn't get a card out to you I am horrible at getting cards to people. It sounds like you had a great birthday. Wow what a great husband you have he skipped a football game for you. That is so sweet I think he gets husband of the year for that one. Tell your family I said hi and I love them. I love you Tricia!

The Boulter Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday Tricia!!!! Happy Happy Birthday Tricia Dear Happy Days Will Come To You All Year If I Had A Wish Then It Would Be A Happy Happy Birthday To You From Me!!!!! It sounds like you had a great day and your husband was so sweet and thoughtful. Oooowee how cute!
What color are you going to paint your bedroom? That is a fun project, you will have to take before and after pictures and post it on your blog.

Amy said...

Happy very late birthday, Tricia! I remember it's in November, just not the day. You look really really great for being 31--You still look like you're 18 to me!

I think Isabelle is very artistic. I love when (if) they get to that coloring stage--Brooke's just about there too :)